Car maintenance knowledge: What are the reasons automotive air conditioning Is not cooling?

[master Car: Car maintenance Is the heat of the summer can not do without air conditioning, the family Is still an indIspensable tool in the office spent the summer in terms of the Car, air conditioning. After experiencing Car air conditioning Is not used for a long time, there Will be no refrigeration cases today to look at the Car air conditioner Is not cooling several common situations.

a. Too dirty condenser

tank main purpose of the condenser heat, dust and debrIs overlying the condenser temperature Is too high or the engine Will cause undesirable phenomena such as air-conditioning. When cleaning Is important to note first blown clean with blow guns, water guns with clean otherwIse counterproductive, not only the poor air conditioning fuel consumption Will increase.

II. Lack of refrigerant

Refrigerant Is what we usually talk about snow, freon. The most direct function Is cooling, it Is generally air conditioning Is not cooling enough to check whether the refrigerant, the refrigerant complement finIshed for some time, if not cooling again, check the seal tube Is out of the question.

III. Air conditioning tightening belt Is too loose

When the Automotive air conditioning austerity drive machine belt slack, Will slip when tightening machine tasks, causing obey landing gear, the engine speed landing austerity, austerity refrigerant the walks landing, which could cause the Car air conditioner Is not cooling. Belt long time may cause slipping and cracking, so the timely replacement of badly worn belt tightening air conditioning.

IV. Air filter

a long time, the air filter Will accumulate a lot of debrIs, causing blockage, pipe Is not blocked, even if you are open to the wind speed maximum amount of wind, the Car passed on Will shrink, the cooling effect plummeted. Air filter replaced every 20,000 km recommended. (Related: How to replace the air filter?)

V. Compressor failure

air-conditioning compressor can be said that the heart works and transport for compressing a refrigerant. generalLife in about 10 years, the structure of the compressor Is more complicated, if the compressor Is broken beyond repair in general, it Is replaced.

Master Summary: The above Is a common cause of air conditioning refrigeration, air-conditioning for summer occupants Is still very important. So as owners still have a good habit of switching air conditioning, Automotive air-conditioning to master the basic knowledge for the job.