Car maintenance knowledge and more! How to maintain the car interior? Keep in mind these points between ten million heart

In the eyes of many, the importance of comparable houses house Car. Because the Car Is in our daily lives can not be a lack of means of transport, it Is not only able to bring us a lot of convenience, but also can make our lives more enjoyably. But many people in the use of the Car when they encountered a vexing problem: the Car’s interior Is easy to get dirty.

but we do not know what to do to be able to make Car interiors become more clean, what to do to be able to make interior Car maintenance better. If you have been plagued by these problems, soon as my feet look on Automotive interior maintenance methods have it! First want to introduce, Is the method of wiping the Car interior. Because the internal configuration of some vehicles are white or bright colors, it Is very susceptible to dust contamination.

But we must not enough Wipe, basically because of the internal configuration of a soft material or a material wrapped leather, cloth Will thus above left some minor scratches, it looks very beautiful. We are best cleaned with a soft cloth dipped in a small amount of material Is hand cream or alcohol wipe lightly, so not only can be a good cleaning leather, but also to make the leather look more smooth.

It also should be noted that, due to the dashboard or in the control facilities are basically made into plastic-based, so if we let thIs the facilities prolonged exposure to the sun, it Is easy to cause them to deteriorate or become brittle texture, these are not easy we normally use. Therefore, we must pay attention to good sunscreen Car interior equipment, we can not let these vulnerable configuration prolonged exposure, we need a good sunscreen for them.

the only way you can make the life of the vehicle becomes longer, be able to make more sense of security when we drove. In addition, we can not configure scrub too often. Some people may think the Car Is we need to take every day, so wash several times, Will be able to completely eliminate the bacteria above. But if we scrub too frequently, it Will make no seat and steering wheelThe original luster, but also make the Car interior look too bright.

So, we are actually a week or a week and a half to scrub it once, so you can make the Car interior look more comfortable, Will not let us feel obsolete. You can see from the above points, vehicle maintenance Is not an easy thing, we need good pondering and thinking it can only be good. We hope you Will be able to learn vehicle maintenance ways to make our Car more beautiful.