Car maintenance Is also a “jacket sleeve”? There are two kinds of special maintenance pit novice waste of money

Cars are important to each individual, after all, he spent more than a dozen ten thousand money home. Therefore, in order to make the life of the Car Is extended, what kind of things the owners are Willing to do. But in the Car to do maintenance when we must be Careful, there are also original Car maintenance “jacket sleeve.” There are two maintenance which Is designed to pit the couple, do would be tantamount to a waste of money.

usually we often hear people say, how to judge a Car should or should not do the maintenance, on the one hand Is to look at the useful life of the Car, on the other hand Is look Automobile mileage traveled. It comes on when buying a Car Car maintenance manuals are clearly defined, various oil change intervals on how much the Car Is also recorded plainly. But in real life, or to be judged according to the actual situation.

Some maintenance workers to seize thIs loophole, pit a lot of novice drivers. For example, change the oil on it, and some say the Car manual, 5000 km to be replaced once. But maintenance man chosen to tell you a black oil change Is necessary, in fact, completely unnecessary, a waste of advance replacement of oil, but also increase maintenance costs.

There Is a tire maintenance, older drivers often told the owners, must pay attention to tire maintenance, tire in case there Is a problem, it may lead to Car crash. But most of tire maintenance Is just wash the tires, and then make a wax, it looks nothing like new. Basic does not play a protective role tires, Car owners have to obediently pay 200 dollars.

Xiao Bian Commentary: Many owners want to extend the life of the Car by doing well maintained, but small series to remind you, some do not Care , but it Will hurt the Car. So prepare novice drivers Car maintenance before, it Is best to consult old driver around, avoid being pit. Car maintenance Is also a “jacket sleeve”? There are two kinds of special maintenance pit novice, a waste of money.