Car maintenance in the end go? 4S shop or roadside repair shop, different people have different choices

Now the rapid development of our economy, so the demand for Cars Is growing. Now the status of the Car in people’s lives Is very important, many people want to buy a Car as a means of transport. So thIs also led to the rapid development of the industry driving test, in order to drive must Xiankao driver’s license, driver’s license in order to test, you must first learn first. After finIshed driver’s license, a lot of people Will start to buy a Car, maintenance Is a very important Issue, after buying the Car, everyone can not be ignored. Today come to you talk about Car maintenance problems.

We all know that the first Car maintenance Is very important, so many owners Will choose for the first time in the 4S shop maintenance. Of course, thIs Is not the first time maintenance money, the purpose of 4S shop to do so not because they are stupid, but they know that for the first time maintenance Is very important for the owners. If the owners of thIs time to experience the 4S shop services likely Will be later in the store to do their own maintenance. But I believe most people quite confused, because we often see a lot of Car maintenance shop at the edge of the road, so do not Care in the end with a 4S shop dedicated to it?

First of all, we first look for regular maintenance and repair shop maintenance What Is the difference in the 4S shop. In the 4S shop maintenance Is certainly expensive than a repair shop, 4S shop maintenance so a Car Is really a lot of money, but their maintenance Is very transparent, Auto parts prices are not the same in different places, working hours, fees are also considered inside, makes clear. And its accessories are all original, quality assurance. But the repair shop of a lot of parts are not original, but their quality and workmanship are very good, but the attitude Is not good only.

so if you are a novice owner of the Car not know much about it, they simply do not know how well maintained Car Is good, thIs time we recommend you continue to go after first insurance 4S shop, because thIs Car Is better. If you know a bit of Car knowledge, but very heavy emphasIs on Automobile parts, thIs time also want to 4S shop maintenance. If you do not pay attention to these two, but you more money, do not Care about the price, we recommend you go to 4S shop maintenance.

For some people an understanding of Automotive knowledge, but it Is not particularly wealthy, to the repair shop Is also not a big problem. In fact, if the owner of the Car a better understanding of the case, some problems on the Car parts, Car owners themselves can be a good solution. After the course, some owners recognize or open repair shop Is to recognize like to play Car modification, the Car Is a problem, they do not take 4S shop.