Car Maintenance: how to care for leather car seats

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There Is nothing compared to the appearance of leather Car seat. It Is so luxurious, smooth and warm, just like human skin. Leather Car seat may be very decadent, but hey, you’ve earned it, and try to get it, so enjoy that luxury Is correct. Leather Car seats do need special Care and attention to keep them fresh and soft look. High temperature and dust environment Will damage leather Car seats. Here are a few to get your Car seats look like new proposal.

Leather become dry, aging and cracking, particularly in warmer climates, require regular cleaning and conditioning to maintain its appearance. It may be the body and produce industrial oils, dirt and air pollutants dirt contamination, and vulnerable to UV damage. A water-based solvents and silicone oil-free foaming shampoo leather. Leather cleaner should be able to penetrate the leather pores, remove may accumulate in the pores of dirt, grime and dirt. Some oil solvent and dry leather Will harden.

microfiber applicator pad or leather scrub brush agitation, rather than scrub the leather. Stir gently opens the pores of leather, so dirt and body oils can easily be removed. After shampooing, the entire leather Car seat dry. After cleaning, the use of high-quality leather conditioner, the conditioner has a pH balance, antifouling properties, and water repellent to protect the leather surface. Appropriate and regular adjustment leather Car seat Will remain flexible, flexibility and softness. Leather conditioner can also prevent premature aging, like facial moIsturizer same.

Leather vehicle seat regularly vacuum. For hard to reach areas and folds, use a vacuum cleaner with a dust brush and plastic brush attachment slot. Metal fitting Will scratch the leather surface. Also, ensure smooth plastic attachments to prevent accidental cuts. Regular shampooLeather Car seat between wiping with a wet towel to prevent accumulation of dust and oil.

Do not use baby wipes, and even leather wipes to clean your leather Car seat. These products contain bases and other chemicals, damage the surface of the leather, leaving a residue Will eventually damage the leather. Saddle soap should not be used in the leather Car seat, Car seat because of the different surface treatment of leather saddle. Avoid placing sharp objects on leather Car seat, so as not to scratch, scratch and cut leather.

Now wipe accidental spills, whether liquid or sauce. Like leather like human skin pores, these spills Will penetrate into the pores, the permanent contamination leather. Follow these instructions, your leather Car seat Will not dry out, fading, cracking and aging. Treat it as you would your skin, giving it a gentle love, you can be sure your Car seat leather looks and feels both like new for a long period of time.

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