Car maintenance coup, older drivers to share a few maintenance tips to save money and practical!

a coup Car maintenance, maintenance of older drivers to share a few tips to save money and practical!

say Car maintenance Is very troublesome, but in fact, you know, Is a very easy Car Care little things oh. Here the old drivers to share a few tips routine maintenance, Come and learn from it.

1, leather seats washing with soap

spoke leather seats, Is now buying a Car Is mandatory to configure a lot of people. However, routine maintenance of leather seats Is really a lot of trouble. You can not use a very stiff brush, and if it Is not well with a soft brush to clean the stain. At thIs time, a small transparent soap to maintain sufficient leather seats. Cleaning ability transparent soap Is very good, while the leather seats also has a protective effect.

The specific method Is applied with the soap towel. It must first towel soaked in warm water. Leather seats wiping with a towel. At thIs time, the dirt on the leather seats Will be taken away towels. Of course, thIs method Is also very useful for dashboards and interiors of some terms.

2, removing scratches with toothpaste

when our Car paint due to some small friction generated by small scratches, if re-up painting, then too expensive. But whether it Is undoubtedly make people uncomfortable. At thIs time, the toothpaste on rafts handy. First, we can start to clean up the scratch area. Then coated with a little toothpaste on the towel, the gently wipe the scratch area. Wait until repaired scratches. Wipe clean with a damp wipe.

3, the sticker Is removed Fengyoujing

For the various files examined on glass paste, which can be removed Fengyoujing. After Fengyoujing applied to the file, then wiped off with a dry cloth. Of course, thIs trick also has a cleaning effect of certain trademarks stuck on other things.

4, talc abnormal noIse Is removed

following vehicle rain, since the water vapor, the door Will be abnormal noIse. Then if we use talcum powder on the rubber door seals, then abnormal sound Will dIsappear.

5, how to maintain the tire

Car tires Is an important component. When cleaning of the tire, usually used to prepare and long brush cleaner. If the tire Is very dirty, you have to use special cleaners. At the same time use a sponge brush rims. Brush suitable for cleaning small parts.

Well, mastered these tips , Is not the future you Will know how their Car, right!