Car maintenance costs too high? Teach you the recipe maintenance to save money big move! The car Is better, less money to spend!

“make the Car better, spend less money,” let the children run the Car, maintenance of natural and ultimately. Many owners Tucao also a lot of maintenance, because the “4S” shop there are too many routines let you keep the money. Keep a Car more expensive than buying a Car, in addition to fuel costs, maintenance costs as well as expenses, it can save a split one point, maintenance Is no exception. So how can it reduce maintenance costs? Xiao Bian gave you support recipe, we want to help.

1, scientific and rational way to determine the maintenance cycle

in the maintenance manual of the vehicle Will have a recommended maintenance mileage and maintenance time, most drivers Will strictly Carry out maintenance in accordance with the maintenance manual of mileage and time. In fact, thIs can be considered unscientific, if the vehicle driving conditions are good, it Is appropriate to extend the maintenance cycle of. Of course, if the driving environment Is bad, then you need to shorten the maintenance cycle. In addition to the environmental, Automotive and oil maintenance intervals also used a relationship, such as fully synthetic motor oil can reaches a million or more mileage, semi-synthetic, you can reach more than 7500 kilometers of mileage, the average oil 5000 km Is no problem of. But still requires a combination of the specific use of the environment to determine.

2, take advantage of free testing program the vehicle to detect

many Car manufacturers Will launch a lot of free testing project, many drivers may feel that thIs test does not make sense, as long as the intentions of maintenance personnel in the operation, if the vehicle Is indeed a problem. So, these free testing can also detect the problem. Of course, for free testing still need to be Careful, Xiao Bian friends recently encountered one thing, just for the brake fluid, Car wash and the so-called free testing, actually detected brake fluid water content of 20%. So, do not fall into the pit of the free testing.

3, selection of accessories that do not choose expensive

vehicle maintenance and repair It Will involve the replacement of some of the zeroParts, thIs time the most easily fooled service called “Genuine Parts”, in fact, the so-called “original” to some extent also the excuse, “What really Is only fitting” ghost “know for fitting choice, as long as the quality qualified, formal manufacturers on the line.

4, a reasonable choice of oil

occupy a major oil Car maintenance costs, while oil variety, well-known domestic brands, but also well-known imported brands. the choice of what kind of oil does make owners pains, some owners think that the more expensive the better, imports better than domestic, private oil than the general good. in fact, many owners might have found out that a certain brand of brands are still, then there Will be a typographical below a certain brand-specific, and even some word or directly quit glue up, you may have to spend thIs money Is to buy the stickers, so choose the right oil on the line, do not lIsten to others flicker.

keep a Car to save money, it must first withstand flicker, do not We lIsten to the staff of “advice” that he should have hIs own ideas, or else would have had to spend much money, and ultimately spent a considerable price before going out. In particular, some people do not understand the Car, just lIsten to people say thIs Is good, think expensive Is good, does not know that thIs Is their routines, so you fall into a pit to climb all climb out, and finally sell themselves, you also happy for someone else to count the money.