Car maintenance and replacement several parts, do not forget to take, white to give some auto 4S shops loss

In fact, after a lot of people to replace the good parts in Car repairs finIshed, shut Guzhe test their new Car repaired, and they lose sight of their those already retired Auto parts. In fact, several Car maintenance and replacement parts, do not forget to take, very valuable.

If the catalytic converter problems, if for a vehicle owner, not run thousands of pieces. The internal components containing heavy metals in fact a lot of recyclable, so even if it Is sold to the Recycle Bin, in fact, can change the range of one hundred to three hundred. Xiao Bian here to remind you that if thIs component blocked all right, wash like, but the bad Will certainly want to change.

In the spark plug in the Car boot, but the presence of considerable importance. Prices vary depending on the number of kilometers spark plug that can be used Is not the same. General use thirty thousand kilometers, better, such as platinum or iridium Is a point, you can use the 60000 or ninety thousand kilometers, while the production of metal spark plug itself Is more valuable, so do not lose easily. If you find that there are much worse than before the Car starts or serious Automobile frustrated, owners should check the spark plug.

Car tires kind of thing, but not the province, generally in three years the number of traffic reached 100,000 kilometers, or when they should consider replacement. If only small damage, in fact, you can choose repaired, but the tires have been repaired many times, or signs of wear has occurred, or if there were also cracks bulge phenomenon, it must be replaced tires. And replaced the tires or rims, if only aging, in fact, can change money, the general can change dozens of blocks. So thIs thing can not easily give away ah.

In theory, if a relatively large Car replacement parts, all can be bought. Even sell scrap metal guess we can change dozens of blocks. So can the dIscount must be dIscounted, or handing Auto 4S shop, let’s go with what the owners profit from the consumer’s point of view, somewhat loss ah.