Car maintenance and repair must know the three “hidden rules”, you know?

Service store uneven level of everyday life, for Car maintenance of novice white, it Is sometimes really do not know the pit, then thIs one in the end what trap? And how to avoid fooled? Here together to understand! With the Car inevitably maintenance, many owners now work still preferred to Carry out maintenance of the 4S shop, 4S shop, after all, relatively speaking, a little more secure. But there are also the owners ask, in the words of the 4S shop maintenance down for accessories can take it? We need to be answered from two aspects to thIs Issue. Easy to buy a Car, keep a Car repair Is difficult, thIs Is a problem many owners share their feelings, especially the new owner. I do not know how to repair, do not know what to repair, but also worried about repairing a Car when they were pit. Many riders ask us some questions to keep a Car repair, as well as how to avoid being dIshonest businessmen pit. Car maintenance and repair must know the three “hidden rules”, you know?

Here, easy to repair the United States for everyone from the bottom of vehicle maintenance in accordance with common 0 big trap: The trap according to: minor ailments overhaul, repair dIsease-free Car originally just a small fault, no big problems, some dIshonest repair business owners do not understand bullying Car, exaggerate the failure of the Car, and even had no faults reported some of the originally unnecessary maintenance items, take the opportunity to substantially increase maintenance costs , the owners pay the money wasted in vain. Recommendation: We ask for proof testing and maintenance to repair shops, service consultants recommend owners to replace parts of the face, if consumers can not confirm if thIs Is true service staff said, can ask the staff to come up with appropriate testing credentials. ThIs can also be used as future claims, demands proof of payment.

in many cases Is not trustworthy because some businesses repairman before the Car accident set loss Car Will take away some of the more new parts to sell, it replaced the old parts even defective parts, Car accident Will be more repair injuries, more repair time. Recommendation: The owners of the best appearance of the vehicle, the spare tire and tools together with service stations confirmed record. In addition, supervIsion and then leave after the relevant staff to assess the damage to their Car the first time, and get fixed-loss. Trap 5: Jerry repair vendor to the lIst of maintenance, repair inconsIstent with the actual implementation of the project. The change did not change, the change only repair, maintenance inconsIstent methods. Recommendation: We repair the CarAfter a good, check it Carefully check the actual repair project, which Is not only the problem of the relationship between money, big things also affect traffic safety.

a. Important maintenance, preferably more Kanji Yan

now Car maintenance, whether 4S shop or Auto repair factory There are still many black-hearted boss, always play tricks on maintenance, such as maintenance can save on eliminating, oil shoddy, stolen for parts and other phenomena, if you do not trust the 4S shop or Auto repair factory, it do not patronize smoke tea in the lounge, more to the maintenance workshop run several times, avoid black-box operation.

Trap II: false Automotive engine oil level to change the oil, during refueling, a bucket four liters of oil, actually added to three liters. but in reimbursement to the owners, but it Is four liters. The remaining 0.5 II liters of oil, maintenance staff multiple operating times can be collected into a bucket sold to the next owners. There Is a serious Car had just add four liters of oil, to say the owners need to add 5 liters. Recommendation: Before the master oiled look at the packaging of the oil bottle has been opened before, in addition to Carefully read the owner’s manual of its own models, plus a standard amount of oil needed to know the vehicle engine. Trap three: Diaobao accessories ThIs phenomenon usually exIsts only in individual stalls without regular maintenance and repair works, regular four S shop maintenance works basically thIs situation does not exIst.

Trap land: Foil fake brand-name thIs charge Sunzhao more common in the service industry which, more deceptive Is when to show you, security signs, such as a US security should taste, but stick in your Car Is pseudomembrane. Recommendation: Try to have a film with a warranty Card, then hit the United States related to the manufacturers to verify the authenticity verification. Trap paint: After repairing the old charge and new collIsion or accident, was supposed to replace the lost bumper, fender, headlights and other maintenance personnel are sheet metal, paint, repair, and then secretly posing new equipment up to, according to new accessories toll. Recommendation: After repaired, a good check good repair replacement parts, whether it Is new to the old charge Is relatively easy to see, riders Will be able to see it a little serious examination.

II. Refused passion, abandon unnecessary maintenance

In general,Press the maintenance manual maintenance Is not wrong, but the maintenance process, the technician Will let you do some warm maintenance, such as tire maintenance on other not on the lIst, playing bottle clean Carbon deposits ah, etc., then you have to refused to warm, flattering people do not be fooled if the smug, let people do what to do, to know that people value your wallet! So, give up some non-essential maintenance items that are not on the lIst, you can save a lot of money.

specific operation, maintenance personnel more familiar with some of the owners of the agency service personnel, in addition to a fineness relatively new repair parts to be removed In other words to yourself. There Is a large number of service personnel on hand could not have been how long the old accessories (such as more subtle sensor), put on your new Car accessories gave the go for. ThIs situation Is easily transferred packet Car accessories for various types of sensors, actuators, tires and the like. Recommendation: the owner should try to understand the basics of driving their own Cars, have a general understanding of the various components of the Car, for the replacement parts have their own detailed understanding, be aware of. In addition, for an individual to help hIs agency services personnel to stay in mind. Trap four: more repair Car accident hurt small Car we had an accident, the Car serviced. However often the case that more repair Car has a problem, do not know do not repair, a repair surprIsed. Not only repair a big problem, but also the more frequent monthly repair, repair was endless.

and headlight, bumper, sheet metal and other common paint lid member Is the highlight of the sub plant parts. Deputy plant parts are generally not tested on the factory, there Is no certificate, etc. As for the warranty period Is agreed upon by both buyers and sellers in private, and some do not even have any warranty. In addition to the positive charge, deputy plant parts plant parts, there are pieces posing as fake and shoddy behavior refurbIshed with new parts, scrap pieces posing new parts. Any of its subsidiaries other than the general engine parts, such as seals, generator, air conditioning compressor (more scrap parts and deputy plant parts), three cells, fuel pump, fuel filter, brake pads, etc. wearing parts are common thIs situation. Recommendation: Before replacing, the other side Is being acknowledged in writing by plant parts, and warranty commitments. Then look at parts of the packaging Is beautiful, part number, such as printing fonts are clear, accessories packaging sticker paper whether good, because stickers are factory pieces of paper in general are very good.

three smallDIsease major maintenance

ThIs routine Is more common routines, say up to give you a free test, and then said some small problems thIs brake abnormal sound of your class, if you do not to a comprehensive maintenance, road hazard, some owners Will lIsten to hear the dangerous maintenance technician suggested smoothly on the sets, thIs time maintenance may have to spend a lot of money.

We stay snacks in addition, the accumulation of knowledge Is very useful for some maintenance repairs. Car some small problems, I could easily get, when we encounter a major problem, was not subject to the maintenance staff Hang Meng kill cheat. Or you can take the initiative to make Automotive repair and maintenance know some friends to understand, absolutely help you save a lot of money, less bullied. American forwarded on for reference purposes only.