Car “it” Is broken, must be timely to the 4S shop repairs, otherwIse the car Is scrapped soon

There are a lot of people have a Car, but one saying goes, you want to buy a Car easy to keep the Car does not so easy to keep a good Car after the finIsh can not buy the Car, but the Car just bought back time Is relatively new, but it Is also very easy to use, but after a period of time used, aging or faulty wiring inside the Car several cases Will occur over time, so that some time in the usual to Carry out regular maintenance of the Car, but the Car drove a long time there Will be some cases of failure, but thIs time there Will be some owners to save money on repair some of the president outside the repair shop, but it does not mean that out that some of the people who repair bad repair, but in addition to those outside the repair shop, 4s shop Is also a repair, but thIs place Is like a bad Car, it Is best to go inside 4s repair shop better, not just to save money to go out repairs. Car “it” Is broken, be sure to go 4S shop to repair in time, otherwIse the Car Is scrapped soon.

To say the Car belt thIs thing Is one of the parts inside the Car, and it Is usually connected to the engine crankshaft and Automotive air conditioning compressor engines and pumps to media types, and it Is now a multi-groove belt, friction wheel and preserved thIs position Is the number of the triangle? If there Is thIs belt above, then a lot of cracks, if if there Is a two centimeters of the kind of craze Is not much problem, if he wants to crack more relatively large, then the inside of the tripod Will be relatively easy to fall off, and like a Car engine inside If we start to work, these drugs through the country, an official of the belt to achieve a precIse control of the Car exhaust time are also more important, if if thIs thing Is broken, then the best or go inside 4s shop Is better to say thIs thing Is a bad reason may be because the Car Is overloaded or because they do not drive but some of the consequences caused by incorrect repair time must now Will not.

If we are in a more serious moment, which requires a major overhaul in it, and maintenance costs are also relatively high, if if the dIsappearance of when the owner of the Car maintenance Is better, it Will reduce some expenses. That Is how to maintain it? According to some standard that domestic Car under normal circumstancesChi, if the ordinary if the Car Is moving, some 60,000 to 100,000 kilometers, about that time you need to replace the engine and accessories such as belts if count, then by time, then you need to be in a year and a half or two years time replacement of Automobile engine belts Is a more important thing, so when change must be timely to go to 4s shops to replace the inside, and the inside of the belt 4s shop also can guarantee the quality of, and in addition to watching TV while driving must be on their Cars a little better, but in time to see the Car maintenance have damaged belt aging phenomenon must be promptly replaced, to ensure that the engine Is at its best at work.