Car In these cases, it must go to 4S shop, do not be petty to a small repair shop

Is a kind of Automotive vehicles, it also Will go wrong, like routine maintenance Is to allow the vehicle to be able to actually have a very good driving performance, and that the Car Is to buy our own back, each the owner Is also very good Care of it, that if something wrong with that Car travel Is a particularly troublesome thing, for the engine maintenance as well as damage to the frame, then, most people still choose to go to 4S shop maintenance.

but normal small problems, many people choose to go are also small repair shop for maintenance, compared to the 4S shop maintenance, you can save a lot, that case if Car travel these small problems in need of repair, we do not recommend the cheap, or to the 4S shop, after all, thIs Is our driving safety related.


Replace the engine

ThIs Is encountered a long service life of the vehicle above, since the rubber belt belonging to products, there Will certainly be aging, it needs to be replaced, although only a belt, but mIssing Is indIspensable, and its role Is very important, that here I suggest you go to the 4S shop to replace the original, because the belt gear Is connected to the corresponding, if not accurate, then it Will lead to vehicle fuel consumption and vehicle dynamics are worse than before appearing.

Replace the chassIs components

or some parts of the vehicle belonging to the fine components, such as the chassIs of the vehicle construction Is that because of long-term travel, bumps cause damage to the vehicle chassIs number of parts, it must be promptly replaced, and many of these chassIs components plant can produce, but the quality Is not guaranteed, the appearance looks the same, the actual use the effect may be greatly dIscounted, especially wanted to Japanese Cars, such strict quality control of the vehicle when parts need to be replaced or should go inside the 4S shop to replace the original.

wheel alignment adjustment

wheel alignment, said the simple point Is that the vehicles have a unified four wheels driving track, and that there Is a wheel alignment data of a vehicle traveling test, along with the equipment to complete, For the outside repair shop may not be familiar with your vehicle data, that do not correct wheel alignment, 4S shop Is that the data has to give manufacturers certainly Is a standard form to be a vehicle for debugging advantage, especially some new models, if not Careful, go pit, wheel alignment needs to be done and that Is especially true for some of the old Car, and if really to save money, you can choose out of the repair shop.

engine shake, flameout

When the engine travel jitter and stalling problem, that most of engine sensors the cause of the failure, the vehicle under these circumstances certainly have a special computer equipment for maintenance, but the repair shop may also have powerful technology, but you can try their luck it? ThIs time the trip computer data of the vehicle or to order more sophIsticated in the 4S shop, which also has a finer analysIs, can quickly solve practical problems.

The problem with these small problems malfunction vehicles, suggest that you try to 4S shop, not because they are cheap suffer a great deal, and that for routine maintenance, tire changing, tire repair these can still select the outside repair shop, after all, much more affordable.