Car in there without a problem meeting it? 4S shop maintenance man finally tell the truth!

now basically everyone has a Car, and Cars on the road more than one, it Is likely to cause traffic accidents and congestion 1, especially at rush hour, a red light that can be routed to two teams street accident, thIs Car monarch fully understood, so now I go to work Is the ring road, although around a little further, but do not bet, but faster than a walk in the city!

when confronted with a serious traffic jam many owners would park the Car at home, a stop Is a couple of weeks, and some go on a business trip but stopped a few months, then we put questions to the Car, where it does not meet the problem? 4S shop maintenance man finally tell the truth!

First; battery loss

If the Car Is not open for a long time, it Will lead to the loss of the Car battery, because, although you did not open, but the battery has been in power, there are a lot of people in order to prevent excessive battery power consumption caused by not firing, put the battery post to pull, in fact, doing so Is not really a power, but your Car in the control time information dIsplay Will not work, so you want to do good in!

Second; tire deformation

Because the Car for a long time does not open, so that the force point of the tire has been Is a point like thIs can easily lead to deformation and aging wheels of the tire, but the tire thing though Is essential, but can be renewed on a new one, I did not ostentatious, but tire wear Is very serious or serious aging easily lead to accidents, so the Car king would rather avert dIsaster, but also do not want affected by a difficult!

Third; corrosion oil

over time Will not open, in the engine oil oxidation serious, there many magazines and sediment, as we all know, there are impurities Will affect the engine’s fuel consumption, and excessive friction engine parts Will wear it for a few thousand dollars in it, do not the oil money to save just choose not to By Car, not in time to save all the money used to repair oil to an embarrassing!

Therefore, the Car Is bought to open even think about itAnd more, we should take good Care of the Car, but excessive love a bit hypocritical, after all, thIs stuff Is used to open, when you put it up for you ancestors bought it doing?

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