Car in the end to go 4S shop or garage to repair and maintenance service?

For those who own a Car, in addition to refueling, maintenance of their Cars Is also an important topic. Many people around me asked me, 4S shop or repair should go find a garage. What Is the difference in the end between the two?

Many Car owners around me, especially those who do not understand the structure of the Car owners often choose to repair the Car drove directly to the 4s shop, think that they “worry.” In fact, 4S shop maintenance does make people feel more “comfortable”, even out of the question, 4S shop rogue general Will not shirk its responsibility.

However, 4S shop Is while watching your wallet aside to let you enjoy “peace of mind.” If you go to 4S store maintenance, 4S stores little sIster who Will advIse you on the various Car “cleansing.” Like what kind of engine cleanliness and cleaning, a cleaning gas inlet, pipeline maintenance and the like of the engine, each project at least 1–200 dollars, as many 5–600 membered or more.

as the figure as “big Car-Care” has spent 1,000 yuan to do some useless projects. The total cost of maintenance Is 1877 yuan. In other words, the maintenance, the owner of the pit have been lost more than half of the money.

In addition to the items useless, expensive super 4S shop work Is a way to make money. For example, the Audi A1 only in the 4S shop to replace the oil filter, hours fee Is 440 yuan! But if you do Care outside the Auto repair shop, even if you take the oil, your working hours at most $ 100. If you buy oil from the repair shop, you can exempt part time charge.

Sin remind you: before your Car needs maintenance, you must Carefully read the Car manual and maintenance manual. For maintenance items not mentioned above, as well as harness and engine cleaning and other maintenance items, you only need to say the words: I do not want to do!

If your Car Is not obviousFailure (such as jitter, noIse and abnormal odor), and the maintenance manual does not indicate the need for replacement in the maintenance, then no matter how patiently advIsed sales, you should tell him: do not change!

Then let us look at the 4S shop repair shop. Compared with the 4S shop, repair shop advantage must be low prices. In addition to labor cost mentioned above, the engine oil and filter, the two most frequently changed items, you can also buy their own, saving a lot of money.

Even in the synthetic engine oil, 4L bucket on the price of a treasure only 3–400 yuan, and the machine was filtered on a treasure the price Is only tens of dollars. Even with the working hours of 100 yuan, the actual cost Is only a small maintenance 5–600 yuan, which Is much cheaper than the 4S shop maintenance fee of several thousand dollars.

However, not all repair shops “conscience sellers.” Some black heart repair shops often sell counterfeit to your engine oil as the original oil. If you bring your own oil, not been looking at these people even put your oil transfer package or doping use.

In addition to these problems, there are some “technical problems”, because the repair shop Is usually privately owned, the technical staff the technical requirements are not strict, and every day there are many brands of vehicles to be repaired. Some apprentices repair personnel may put the original simple complicate matters, the small problems become big problems.

While the above-mentioned small number of repair shops, an assumed name but a soup destroyed, prevention Is not all anti live! If you want to go to the repair shop for maintenance, you should not only maintain research projects, should also be familiar with the type of Car types and filters need to use oil and so on. If used improperly, it may damage the engine.

best to find a reliable repair shop for repair. If you do not really know anyone, then you can only stay in the room watching the maintenance service, in thIs case, you only bother to save money.

However, before selecting the 4S shop or repair shops, we should figure out a premIse: if your Car Is still under warranty. If you have not had insurance, marching recommended maintenance 4 S shop, because once you do not have to maintain in the 4S shop, 4S shop refused to compensate easily in your Car problems.

Although U.S. has a policy provIsion, not even in the 4S shop for maintenance, you can also enjoy the warranty, but thIs policy Is required, when applying for 3 and warranty package, you must show maintenance contracts, maintenance items, quality check lIst, spare parts and the use of proven channels and certificate of completion (copy) during the repair of social repair shop. In the absence of the same, 4S shop may reject the claim.

proved that such a large amount of red tape Is not the key, the key Is to have a nationally recognized qualification in the repair shop very few.

Sin rIsked their lives spilled the beans! If you insIst that during maintenance, I do, I do not change. At least you can save a thousand dollars.

So, if you want to avoid trouble during the warranty period, please go to the 4S shop for maintenance, do not do does not matter as long as the project costs on a full working hours when it Is bought warranty it.

netizens, general maintenance of your Car repair Where Is it? Welcome messages.