Car in the 4S shop maintenance, or need next staring at? To see how experienced owners say

to the 4S shop maintenance vehicles should be something a lot of people after buying a Car, we are more concerned about the. And go to the 4S shop maintenance and general maintenance shop not the same feeling, a sense of enjoyment Is one kind of service. But in fact the 4S shop maintenance time cost Is not low, some Cars may be a good inattentive thousands of ocean gone. Some people would wonder in the 4S shop maintenance time, or need to stare at next? Let’s look at how the owners have experienced that I knew could not hurt. After

may often be the case, the owner drove to the 4S shop maintenance, repair the Car to the 4S shop teacher, and myself playing in the lounge area phone, go to sleep. So when the maintenance Is finIshed to get the look of the repair costs, maintenance costs may be found beyond their anticipation. Ask the staff, the staff impeccable rhetoric also have to pay yourself, but there Is always a person that they have been slaughtered feeling.

first 4S shop maintenance can rely on to make money, it would have been more expensive maintenance costs, some small problems 4S shop only in vehicle parts, repair them can continue to use under the circumstances, it would convince the owner to do the replacement, in order to earn more profits. Even some 4S stores maliciously replaced when the owners do not pay attention or do not understand the major components of the vehicle, change have changed, but also for the sake of your vehicle, perhaps only obediently pay.

experienced owners said, to the 4S shop maintenance time, if there Is no significant matters should not leave their vehicles far, next you can learn more about watching your own vehicle condition, learning to repair the master to ask some questions, increase their understanding of the Car, can also prevent 4S shop staff do not pay attention to when their own take little Sheep slaughter. If the owners really busy, we must asked staff or maintenance of the master, to replace major parts have to inform themselves in advance, otherwIse their own are not liable. With such a warning language, even if someone wants to move the mind to do something, you may have to weigh. Although not all of the 4S shop Will be playing thIs rogue routine, but it’s always good to be Careful, after all being taken for a ride when available Biequ.