Car hurt by exposure to the sun paint it? In fact hurt the paint are small!

Is now in the summer, and high temperatures in many places every day, the temperature Is still rIsing momentum for us in thIs case Is a test of the Car, usually during the day at noon to around four or five in the afternoon, the sun thIs time Is the most toxic, people can not stand, parked in the sun outside Will not be broken it?

a lot of worrying Is body paint, the owners feel the sun exposure It Will paint drying broken. In fact, our top Car paint Is very good, and not because of sun exposure and softened because the Car manufacturers Will take thIs into consideration, but what the sun after a long period of exposure, then, more or less some are not the same. So many people Will use the Car cover Car, the vehicle Will cover up to avoid direct sun.

In fact, the paint problem under the sun exposure compared to only tire It Is the most dangerous. After the explosion occurred or how much Will be played by the phenomenon of high-temperature flat tire, because after sun exposure, high temperature, air pressure in the tire increases, and many people Will not spare tire in the process of driving, it Will lead to sun exposure phenomenon tires. So we, after sun exposure, to timely detect tire pressure, preferably running again after cooling the tires of the vehicle.

In addition to tires, then there Is a very important thing on the Car things, due to the exposure, high temperature solar Car Will be a lot higher than the outdoor temperature, so some try not flammable items placed in the Car, there Is a number of perIshable foods, the temperature rIse another job to speed up the deterioration of the food, once the bad, the Car Will be very unpleasant odor, plus Automotive interior odor after exposure given, the more unpleasant, and even are toxic.

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