Car headlights yellow, fuzzy, not bright enough? Do not get silly to go to the repair shop, can solve their own

Now the number of people driving really more numerous, maintenance can not be overemphasized, but small series found that most of the owners easy to overlook the maintenance of a place, that Is, Car headlights. I believe that many owners have the same experience, the Car after a long time use, it obviously felt the lights are not bright. ThIs Is because long-term aging of feng shui rain produced Car headlights to know the material Is polyCarbonate, it Is relatively hard plastic, so it Is prone to scratches, blur, Car headlights yellow, fuzzy, not enough bright? Do not get silly to repair shop that he can solve

First, wash with soap and water first, I believe that every family has a bar of soap, the soap itself it contains alkaline special, and thIs can be a good help clean headlights clean, and can help increase the brightness of the headlights. The best time Is in the three months to clean with soap and water on a Car headlight, a result Will be able to timely clear the Car headlights look dirt, oil and other adhesion, thereby avoiding the Car headlights turn yellow, then cleaning after over, I believe you Will find your Car headlights seconds becomes blue super clear.

followed with a soft cloth, some owners do not Carefully wash the headlights when the Car wash, often just take over, in fact, I daily cleaning when you can wipe off dust, so as not to allow the accumulation of dust into heavy dirt difficult to clean up. But be sure to pay attention to with a soft cloth, because the headlights of fragile material, it Is easy to form scratches. After wipe Is complete, wait ten minutes, the way you can see the headlights after wiping more Zeng light than before, like new.

and finally rubbed with a polIshing agent, thIs stuff you can buy in a regular store yard, and the price Is cheaper, can play a role in cleaning If the phenomenon of yellow headlights appeared, just need to polIsh painted to go, then forced a rag to wipe. Then you can add a protective film above the headlight, in the case of yellow, after in the future, can tear the protective film, a protective film and then re-exchange can be completed.