Car headlights and maintenance treatment of glitches, and finally do not go wasting money on a repair shop

Is a light Car’s eye, of course, here refers to a motor vehicle headlight (commonly known as: headlights), there are many lights on the Car, headlamps, a small light (also called position light), turn signals, taillights, license plate lights, brake lights, warning lights, down lights, dashboard lights, and so many, regardless of the kind of light Is a problem, Will affect the normal running of the vehicle. Many lighting problems are actually very small problems, as the owner or driver can exclude yourself these simple majority of failures. When the Car driving lights and indicator lights are important, especially in the case of fog or at night or dark weather, low vIsibility, and the bright lights are not bright, directly related to traffic safety.

a number of matters lights maintenance Note

eliminate poor-quality bulbs. (Impact of the effect of night lighting affects driving safety) do routine maintenance. (Bulbs also require regular inspection Is intact, but also needs to be replaced.) to adjust the lamp itself. (Correct beam position Is safe driving security, and make the vIsion more clearly.)

Failures and emerging

not on the headlights at night (see first fuse Is blown. headlight switch Is turned on, the high beam lights are not bright, first check whether there Is a fuse box fuse Is blown, then check whether a malfunction Auto light switch to a dimmer switch between)

often burned lamp (filament blows frequently, the reasons are: a voltage regulator failure, voltage Is too high; battery wires poor contact, causing the generator voltage Is too high load; short circuit between the generator armature and field coil if the light switch Is opened, the lamp immediately. burn, should the charging circuit between the check for breaks as often burn lamp, to check whether the generator voltage regulator to adjust the voltage Is too high.)

tail lamp Is not lit (other light work,Only the tail light does not shine, it may be due to: blown tail lamp filament, or bad taillight taillights Ground line for breaks. When checking, should first remove the tail light bulb, the filament Is blown check)

Brake light does not (service brake , Automotive stop lamp Is not lit, the main reasons are: the filament burnout, poor grounding, the brake light switch or in the line Is open circuit failure)

steering does not light (toggle left and right turn signal switch, turn lights are not bright, the reason Is: the power supply to the relay by flash diverting FireWire has dIsconnection at the switch, the flash or steering relay or switch fails .)