Car Guide: car repair, how to replace starter

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to replace the starter can be a difficult and time-consuming work. If you believe you can change the starting point, read on! Before you decide to replace the Automobile starter, you should check a few other parts:

1 Check the condition of the battery. can not start the starter battery Is low. Prior to blame starters, make sure the battery Is full. When the battery runs low, your Car’s instrument cluster with warning lights or ammeter should be indicated.

2. Also check the battery connector, and the wires leading to the starter motor starter connection. The most important Is the large wire passes through the wire from the back of the battery. ThIs Is from the battery to the starter wire. All connections should be tight. Check the insulation on the wire Is intact. Screwed tight connection of any loose enough to swing the hand.

3. Check the starter solenoid. The starter solenoid Is a special switch for opening and closing the starter. Solenoid prices rarely exceed $ 10, and can be easily replaced. When you turn the key, let a friend hear a click solenoid Issued. If no sound Is assumed that the solenoid valve Is damaged, it needs to be replaced.

4. If the Car engine still does not start, it may be due to problems with another starter or battery independent. The air cleaner dirty, worn spark plugs, the spark plug wire damage, wear dIspenser cover, insufficient fuel reaching the engine, even washer burst, which Will interfere with the Car starts. If you can not find the problem by trial and error, perhaps it Is time to put the Car to a mechanic to check or repair.

Once you have identified the problem can notTo solve the above problems by troubleshooting, it Is likely that you need to replace the starter.

1. DIsconnect the battery cables to reduce the possibility of accidental shock own.

2. Remove the electrical connection from one side of the starter. There are generally two wires: a positive wire and a negative electrode wires. First remove the positive electrode lead and negative electrode lead Is removed from the starter. You may need to use the pen to mark connections to help you properly reconnect the connector to its proper terminal. To remove the connection, require the use of socket wrench or open-end wrench removal of bolts.

3. After removing the two electrical connections, you need to remove the boot from the chassIs. Before removing the bolts, attention to the direction of the starter. You may want to use a paint pen to mark on the bolt. Usually only two or three bolts connected to the vehicle starter.

4. Remove the starter. In the preparation process, Careful observation of your Car, to determine which way the easiest to dIsmantle starter. ThIs may be a tight fit, but you need to twIst and pull the starter various engine and frame parts around to make it out of the Car. Some Cars may be particularly tight, especially front-wheel drive Car. In order to obtain sufficient space pulled the starter, you may need to remove other components. If you do remove the engine parts, please pay attention to remember their correct positions. Once you remove a bolt, put them back in place. ThIs Will help you keep up with all of the fragments.

5. Once you pull out the starter, you can put a new starter in its place. you need to put it back in its original form. Once you put it up, put a bolt just enough to hold the starter. Then start from the ground line electrically connected to the connection. After the ground wire, the wire attached to the remainder. Next, the starter mounting bolts remaining fixed to the frame. Check that all bolts are tightened.

must pay attention during the entire process, not to over tightenThe starter Is bolted to the frame. Check the starter accompanying description, in order to determine the proper torque.

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