Car Glass Repair & Replacement Guide
Car Glass Repair & Replacement Guide

Do you have a chip or a crack in the glass of your car? Low driving conditions or poor weather can damage your window with rocks, debris, or even grass on the lane. Audatex Auto Glass will assist you with any impact on your windshield, back, or side windows.

If you’ve witnessed a burglary or an accident on the highway, you need a car glass repair service that will get you up and running quickly. We appreciate this need at Audatex Auto Glass. We will give you a free estimate and come 24hours a day, seven days a week, to your home or office. We remove windscreen, windscreen, glass door, back, and neighborhood. We use quality materials, drinks, and art to ensure safe installation and get you on the street, usually on the same day. We can even remove emergency glass for you.

At Audatex Auto Glass, we specialize in new cars and truck glass and have met Southern Californians ‘ car glass needs for the last ten years. Thanks to our growing success, we can offer you the absolute lowest price for auto glass replacement.

Our Car Glass Repair services include:

  • Windshield substitution Auto Glass Repair in Los Angeles
  • Glassdoor repair
  • Wind glass replacement
  • Quarter glass replacement
  • Back replacement window
  • Sunroof substitution
  • T-top glass replacement
  • Truck slider replacement glass
  • RV glass substitution
  • Replacement of glass for buses
  • Change of glass for other public vehicles

How to change the car windshield yourself

  • Remove Trim
  • Remove old windshield glass
  • Remove old urethane
  • Prime the pinch weld
  • Apply a bead of urethane
  • Install a new windshield.