Car four kinds of “incurable dIsease”, once run no matter to which the repair shop, the outcome Is in vain!

Car four kinds of “incurable dIsease”, once run no matter to which the repair shop, the outcome Is in vain!

Car failure Is a normal situation, any Car prices are not able to guarantee owners of problem does not arIse in the course of 100% of the Car, a vehicle that Is to repair the problem a normal situation, but there Is an old maintenance man said: if the Car appeared four kinds of fault, the owner did not even need to go to repair, because they are the equivalent of “terminally ill” on the Car, even if no matter how good looking repair shop to spend more money, unless these vehicles assembled, repaired or else no one even think about these four fault!

First look at the first one kind of terminal illness, transmIssion jitter. It connects the shaft between the engine and heritage, it Is a bridge between the two, it Is also so Car prices if immature technology, Is prone to jitter problem because such a role in the future manufactured vehicles. It seems simple enough to be solved only need to replace a gearbox, but a replacement price Is very expensive, which means that we replace in the future might not be a good gearbox problem.

the second type, the engine burning oil. Many owners may hear the engine at the time of these three words, Will feel thIs situation Will be very serious, it Will be particularly sCared of urgent repairs to hIs Car to go, but if we are concerned about an article on aspects of the Car, Will found engine oil burning occurs it Is a normal situation, because the main reason for the presence of the slit between the pIston and the cylinder, and the oil flows into the cylinder opportunity.

A third, underpowered. Also can say Is insufficient torque, many owners feel the power of the Car Is very weak at the start, but we can not by themselves late changes to improve the Car’s torque, so we better at buying a Car when you look at its detailed parameters. OtherwIse, such a turtle speed after the Car, we only have been able to use thIs turtle speed driving.

A fourth, interior abnormal sound. There are causes of abnormal sound in the Car a lot, you know a Car itself there are thousands of parts assembled, if at zeroWhich does not match or there Is a variety of Issues, which are likely to cause abnormal sound between the pieces and parts, but deliberately want to find out specifically which parts appear sound but difficult. Car four kinds of “incurable dIsease”, once run no matter to which the repair shop, the outcome Is in vain! Especially with the extension of the time our Car, each running inside the vehicle parts gradually increase the gap Will cause them, that abnormal sound Is a normal situation.

four kinds of more than 4 “incurable dIsease” Is what we want to appear to explain to everyone on the Car, even though they do not appear to play a Car to have much impact, but thIs Is the most difficult to cure minor ailments kind. I do not know that the Car has not happened four kinds of terminal illness, in the end there Is no thorough treatment of it?