Car emergence of these “faults” Do not worry, do not repair! 4S shop: you want to give money to fix it!

Some drivers drove quite Carefully, the Car a little “trouble”, I wanted the Car Is not where the problem Is, too quickly to the 4S shop or repair. In fact, no need, some of which are really out of trouble, while others are “making a fuss.” ThIs Car appears “failure” went repair? Older drivers: 4S shop like a novice, in fact, do not repair!


Car was also bought on the open, but most drivers the Car does not know whether the Car Is really a problem. For example, the D-range Automatic transmIssion, when the Car was hanging D Will unconsciously jitter about. It Is time to understand that when the Automatic transmIssion into contact with the friction plate Will produce a forward force, as it happens thIs time hit the brakes Will generate a reaction force, so the Car Will unconsciously shaking it. Do not worry 4S shop around to find the maintenance of the master.


It Is said that Car Is turned off the rear exhaust pipe Will hear an abnormal noIse. In fact, by not surprIsing, when the exhaust pipe Is heated it expands, the cooling after the flame generated heating or cooling phenomenon. When the temperature of the exhaust duct to cool completely strange noIse Will dIsappear. Abnormal noIse


so that the exhaust pipe people wonder, Is that sometimes see water dripping out of the exhaust pipe. At thIs time also I think it Is not a problem, we Will understand more about it. ThIs Is the product of Carbon dioxide and water by the combustion of gasoline vapor into a high-temperature environment, water vapor condenses into water droplets and then out through the exhaust duct. If you see a pool of water at Car exhaust pipes do not have to worry about the Car broke down.


Similarly, in the low temperature in winter, when you start the Car found that white smoke exhaust pipe whirring. ThIs Is a normal phenomenon, because the water molecules in gasoline, gasoline Is not completely burned in the cylinder, forming a fogging phenomenon. White smoke Is what we see foggingAfter the engine temperature increases, the white smoke Will naturally dIsappear.


Automotive presence of these “failure” Do anxious, do not repair! 4S shop: you want to give money to fix it! The driver friend, you understand these droplets also see white smoke want to go to the pits it?