Car dead beat the fire Do not be afraid, lorry standing two things, so you no longer rely repair shop

today Aspect: Automotive dead beat the fire Do not be afraid, lorry standing two things, so you no longer rely repair shop

I have not come across such a situation, we put the Car after a night or a while, you could not beat the re-ignition when the Car, the battery power loss. If faced with thIs situation, we are not to panic? Today small to teach us look after our Car Is no electricity or power loss how to do.

Car broke down

When our Car battery power loss, we take electricity Will be Carried out, another Car came here the first thing we must say we are little things, sometimes 4S stores Will be sent to you when you buy a Car, but some owners are not used in the Car with that Car ride FireWire, take the ride electric power, no wires you take it all down. We all know that a battery positive and negative points, when the black Take the black clamp clip above the negative electrode, and the red lines in the red clip above positive electrode, and the other end of the line two clips, according to Car just the way black folder negative, positive red folder, so that the two would take the line setting up the Car.

Take the


ThIs line lay what should we do? First of all we have got to start her rescue vehicles, fire Is not because it does not take power. After start her, we went to the Car without electricity, started directly on it. Here to remind everyone that it Is important, when we take the power to succeed, you should immediately put two clips to take down, when a clip of the battery after the two clips do not go the other end of the contact, pay attention to short-circuit of. Another point to note Is that, Take the time to try two Cars from the last point, if too far away, you are out of reach of the line.

Take the

If we are in the field, or you can not find a place to take friends to help you how to do power ? We need to prepare in advance a little thing called electricity library, it belongs to a relatively large charge treasure, method used and ride FireWire principle Is the same, we put it after the power Is turned on Will see it Is adjustable, 12 V, 16Volts, 19 volts can tune.

no electricity

It also Will give us a mobile phone and laptop charging. We then turn on the power, it Is applied to the positive and negative electrodes of the battery corresponding to us, and then to start the vehicle on it. The thing to note Is that, when we take the electric Car startup success, to immediately put thIs clip to remove, because if you do not remove it, the library Will power to burn.

ride collector

Small series views:

In general, loss of battery power or Is no case to put a night of electricity, the new Car Is generally not exIst, it usually occurs in years of relatively little long old Car. If one of these ways can not get your Car started, you may need to find some professional maintenance staff, to check your battery Is not damaged, if damaged, then it needs to be replaced, for those who travel frequently in the field, and year of your Car Is older, you’d better get ready to go to these two things. Although usually it may not have access, but if the use of words can help you solve a very big problem.

Take the

lead us to loss of battery power as well as several very important reason Is that your improper operation, for example, you back after parking at home, do not turn off the headlights, some Cars are likely to bring the kind of Automatic headlights, then you just lock the Car, its headlights Automatically closed, and some are without a Car, and if you forget to turn off it would have been open, so you might lose the second day of battery power.

did not shut the headlights

There Is a number of multimedia and Car interior reading lights, you may forget to turn off, if these two the opening night of a thing, your battery Will also no electricity, so we usually when the Car, check before stalling the Car and get off at these appliances are not completely closed.