Car crash but was sent to the repair shop overhaul, the owner has completed the insurance, the maintenance man had dIsappeared

the domestic Auto industry more and more refined, not just Car sales and after-sales become more professional, and even some of the industry becomes more and more around the normal. There are a lot of people home from the 4S shop more dIstant, so in need of repair or maintenance of vehicles Will be the Car to a nearby Auto repair shop. But some repair shop less formal, you want out of trouble rights difficult. Car crash but was sent to the repair shop overhaul, the owner has completed the insurance, the maintenance man was gone.

Ms. Wu owners spend 40 million to buy an Infiniti, because the Car also opened for some time, and recently she always felt as if the tires leak , so he took the Car to a repair shop to check nearby, and the way the Car wash. But the Car just down less than two hours, the owner received a call from the other side, they tell the owner the Car had been hit. After lIstening to some of the owners Is ignorant, I was sent to inspect the Car, how can you hit it?

owners rushed to the scene and saw hIs Car suddenly furious. She found the entire front knocked out of a big hole, but the Car’s left front wheel are knocked out of shape. Although the Car Is also open for some time, can maintain their usual very body center, so to see the Car turned out, the owners also feel dIstressed and sad. But since it has been crashed, it must have a say, so give 4S shop owners and insurance companies a call.

4s shop staff Will detect the Car towed back to the shop and found that at least 60,000 in order to get repaired. Car owners think that was damaged in the repair shop of people, it should cost them out. When owners can ask it, repair shop manager has given another solution. What he means Is anyway Car insurance, Car owners can go insurance costs Will be reimbursed after one half. The owner Is a good person to speak, I feel that thIs Is also OK agreed. After

However, the insurance company completed the payment, the other party has to go back up. Now not only can not find the owner who can not get compensation, desperation called the police. But the other side of the phone Is not connected to the police, do not lose money. The other side has been dragging do not pay back the money, the owners intend to court. Xiao Bian think,Who make mIstakes who bear thIs truth even children know everything, thIs really Is not too much maintenance personnel served. Owner’s experience also tells us that they wanted to try to find a reliable mechanic repair shop.