Car covered with scratches, but do not select up painting, thIs Is the sensible way

In fact, with the rIse of a number of independent brands, so that such an item price of the Car, are constantly choose decline, people’s hands has also been a certain degree of money, so many people Will choose to buy their own the Car, when buying a Car, Is very, very natural for her Care, a variety of maintenance and beauty are not choose to fall, people love the Car better than he loves hIs wife, then chant accidentally scratch rub a little, I feel very, very dIstressed, rubs people choose to be abusive, but Ma Wan still have to choose to face reality.

was shaved only choose refinIshing, but up painting price Is calculated in accordance with and the size of the color of the area, but also and the used paint has a close relationship to a certain extent, in general, make up a paint, there are hundreds to thousands, ranging from that state, thIs cost Is not particularly low, so that a lot of people have said that if the Car had a scratch on go up painting, such behavior Is purely overkill.

In fact, whether novice or those very old drivers, are virtually scratch can not avoid the kind of problems, and sometimes if their Cars parked outside, who knows what people Will pass by your Car scraped the wrong choice, so the storyteller rubs Is very normal question, and then scraped it chose to go up painting and maintenance, so that the money actually Is really no way, can leaflets, the owners eventually became the slaves of the Car, the Car Is just a means of transport of the tool.

So many people have said the Car was scraped, it Will not choose up painting, sooner or later the Car Will be scratched, but can not guarantee that thIs time after that together make up the last time, we should also choose up painting, into so that we can often see in the street above, there are some Cars, their body sCars are everywhere, Why they would not choose to go up painting it?

In fact, many people do not choose to go to hIs Car up painting, the most important reason Is that, if hIs Car to be repaired, for steam repair plant, it only takes a place in front of the same scraping back, whether it Is mostly to mIssing are the large selection of touch-up painting, and so it takesThe cost Is very, very high.

and then later make up the final paint and the original paintwork, there Is no way to compare, there Is no way to ensure that post-up painting, mending and the original paint Is the same, so that, in fact, Is up painting there Is a certain rIsk. Another reason for it, in fact, novice drivers to older drivers the most important thing Is a psychological change drops reasons, and everyone mind Is tempered, but it Is the first time virtually scratch Will feel very, very sad.

but was virtually scratch more than they feel does not matter, get used to, as long as thIs does not expose the primer scratched, or cause Car metal parts to rust, so it does not matter what, there Is no need to choose convergence, have reported that after the necessary insurance, Car open for a long time, for more understanding of these small Car scratches, in fact, they would be dIsposed of.

In fact, some of the reasons Is because of thIs, so that even if a lot of people have lost their body would not choose to go to these scratches up painting, Car repair the master also said that, in fact, such an act Is very good some of the acts, in fact, the Car just some of your means of transport only.

just like the phone Is the same, in fact, related technologies and standards are well developed, but the speed of development Is very fast, are used as much as possible on select the replacement of some of the products, in the final analysIs, in fact, the Car also has some of the effectiveness of a commodity, it takes so much energy on the touch-up painting, it Is not necessary to do.