Car computer board failure, reported $ 2,000 repair shop maintenance, after reminding older drivers took only 18 yuan

now Car Car maintenance Is also very troublesome, the Car appeared a little problem going to the 4S shop repair, maintenance costs are also much higher than outside. Whether big sesame things, spend a lot of a fee, at least a thousand dollars. But sometimes only a small problem, 4S shop testing determined to be too one-sided to large repairs.

surnamed Lu owners encountered such a thing, he found that the airbag on the instrument panel warning lights, and the lights all year round not too bright while driving, the owner the first reaction Is that the airbag Is a problem, but to drive to the 4S shop for repairs.

4S shop repairman airbag case detection result tells Luk Car airbag module burned out, that need to be replaced, takes at least 2,000 yuan. Luk just talk and maintenance staff came to Car maintenance Is the owner Mr. Liu heard, so thIs gentleman said, should check the fuse, maybe the problem Is not a module.

service under thIs master a little embarrassed, but still detect the fuse of the airbag module, the result Is really found the fuse burned. Replaced with a new fuse, the Car’s dashboard airbag warning light went out. And finally it spent only $ 18, saving a lot of money.

Is actually a long experience of the owner Mr. Liu fault Car was quite understanding, not bright headlights, horn does not ring these small problems are likely to actually fuse problem, only need to spend a few bucks can get. But the owner Is best not to do it yourself when replacing the fuse, because the new fuse must be original and current-voltage fuse of the same value.

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