Car colors also have such knowledge?

from a Car or what color, which depends not like it! Could it be that a certain number of colors Niubi, really able to increase two horsepower? fallacy! Of course, standing on the perspective of scientIsts, it Is entirely possible it!

Color and Light:

Members children know Why our eyes can see a variety of colors? right! We can see the color, because the color of the light Is reflected back, while other colors are absorbed. Description only see the red light reflected back the red, green explanation see only the green light Is reflected back, then I saw black it? See black because did not see the light, it Is absorbed ah! ThIs also explains Why the universe Is black, the black hole Is black.

Since the black absorbs all light, it Is naturally what ultraviolet, infrared, [alpha] rays, these rays with energy beta] Is vIsible or invIsible light, may Is all absorbed, so the black cliffs Is the most heat buildup of color. Big Ben Black see people say nothing of the high-end atmosphere on the grade, my dIsplacement of 1.0 F0 also black play throughout the entire vehicle, then transformed into a movement of a black hole, absorbing all line spectrum, of course, including the ultraviolet rays of the sun-based.

a conclusion: those summer air conditioning Is not to force the Car, do not buy a black or dark color, and do not pick a dark interior, or else, etc. He had melted.

Since black absorbs heat, what color can reflect heat it? Why white? Can see the white color Is the result of all common reflection, it Is inevitable black white relatively more “cool.” White Is indeed very powerful, but! It Is not the strongest! Anti-color thermal radiation can color, remember the sweeping Europe, “Silver Arrow” racing it? Do you think scrape paint exposed silver “aluminum skin” Is to reduce the weight? It was amazing overweight people lose weight Caesar! (Example predetermined race) and the reference modified Car market or more common building insulation paper, multi silver or gold as a bright yellow, these colors have a special ability to reflect heat radiation, the drivers and minute of the engine to help reduce the temperature by a few degrees and the key to the outcome of the gap (temperature difference), there Is aNow up.

Conclusion 2: a light absorbing body less; bright silver and gold, or have a certain thermal radiation reflecting function.

FIG: include different “second generation” Mercedes silver arrow Car, until silver Mercedes are now lucky color.

Color propagation dIstance:

Further on a white, silver and other bright colors, colors other than vIsual more large, and appear closer; black and other dark colors on the contrary, the black Car Will be significantly smaller, and seemed more dIstant, especially at night to open a black Car, no wonder you people easily knock your Car, which Is the knowledge of life. But more importantly, the color of the “penetrating” determines the dIstance of propagation, the light colored in the communication process, Will be more haze, ash layer, mIst, etc. suspended in the air of a refractive material, scattered from the bound far more obvious color. More professional calculation Is the fourth power of the molecular scattered light intensity and the wavelength Is inversely proportional to the incident light. That Is, the longer the wavelength of light, color “penetrating” better, “penetrating” better, easier it Is to find the naked eye Car.

Conclusion three: significantly large and nearly white, black dIsplay Is small and far safer light-colored white silver; Attractive addition, the use of the propagation dIstance farther the color, the more easily noticed.

Figure: Remember the BritIsh “little yellow Car” event do? Sure enough, bright colors are also very safe.

Figure: Because there are bad guys hit your Car, then came the world Will help you.

Of course, also affected by the color of vIsible light wavelength affects the resolution. In the vIsible range between 770 and 390 nm, wherein 770 – 622 nm Is perceived as red; 622 ~ 597 nanometers, orange; 597 ~ 577 nm, yellow; 577 ~ 492 nm, green; 492 ~ 455 nanometers, indigo color; 455 to 390 nm, violetColor; then come to the following conclusions.

Conclusion Four: body color of prominent ranking, red> orange> yellow> green> blue> Purple> black and white gray.

Color and checked chance:

It also has a relationship? That relationship must have it! The body Is painted in camouflage among white or dark blue paint, camouflage are likely to be accused of “military” or “police” and other official vehicles, which Is a big mIsunderstanding to ah! That kind of racing Car stickers a large area of ​​the garland to the streets? In principle, with an area of ​​more than 30% of the primary colors have to be reported to the public security department, and everyone from a figure ah!

Conclusion Five: camouflage painting class crime police Car, do not try.

Conclusion VI: garland area of ​​over 30% must be reported.

Figure: Tu so handsome streets …… equal to find feces!

Figure: There are also legitimate addiction had to camouflage the way, say, camouflage belts?

Of course, JCSS you do not check thIs check also with “easy vIsibility” of the vehicle concerned. The reference to a conclusion, the more prominent color, naturally more likely to be noticed it! I believe open Cars “silver arrow” to the streets, and large horsepower (lower cabin temperature) Car and light, air conditioning and cool, not easy to be found, it deserves to be the most appropriate use of the modified Car color Hello!

Conclusion VI: does not want to have the Car checked a little low-key colors? I recommend the full silver.

found no, I always let us choose Yiyanbuge silver body, it Is not the author of the silver soft spot, but a large silver statIstics the Car accident rate Is among the lowest of all colors. Mentioned above, in addition to silver significantly from the past, as well as other scientific basIs for it? But according to the author wit …… no speculation, which may be followed by vehicle owners about the character, the character of the owners generally buy silverRelatively stable, relatively driving Carefully, then there Is more in-depth study of Car people Will choose silver, with reference to the first part of the reason the article, most of these people also know relatively driving, but Will also pay attention to safety.

Conclusion Seven: lowest probability silver Car accident, but no physical basIs.

Color and Feng Shui:

While we do not promote superstition, but Feng Shui Is definitely not a superstition, in my it seems, Feng shui Is more like a profound, bringing together thousands of years of experience in the United States from the “statIstics”, something we can not lose our ancestors, not quick to deny the United States a more traditional culture and science with what Western science and technology technology, we are our ancestors had done thIs earth superpower, accounting for two thousand years of national power must not be lower than the United States today, which I think Is a little self-confidence should have. In the United States of Feng Shui, the color with attribution feng shui, different colors can represent different attributes, and between different attributes, but there are different allelopathy. In fact, once you have the color represents the sign of the Zodiac, allelopathy table, it was able to control the relationship between the body color and feng shui.

zodiac corresponding color:

→ gold gold, white, beige

Wood → green, cyan

water → blue, black

→ fire red, purple

soil → yellow, brown

Is an example of human life Is a fire suit red purple, green or blue if combined, the fortune and more vigorous (wood fire). Life of the people do not belong to the fire with blue or black Cars crowding the lane, desperate drag racing, because blue-black Is water, water, fire. While the foregoing are no scientific explanation, I do not believe, but believe people may be more reference only.

Conclusion VIII: feng shui letter there, do not believe no.