Car color change prices and technical change color

Car prices and change color change color technology

Car color Is a key first impression, many owners want to change their original Car paint colors, either because the paint repair damaged way to change color, but whatever the reason, what Is the purpose, Car color change Is a complicated thing.

First, the relevant laws and regulations, according to the People’s Republic of U.S. MinIstry of Public Security Decree No. 102, since October 1, 2008 implementation of “motor vehicle regIstration requirements,” as amended. Wherein the second chapter II, Article X: for the change of body color; replacement of the engine; replace the body or frame, the vehicle owner shall apply to the regIstration of the vehicle management change within ten days after the change. If you change the color of the body, according to the specified time limit for regIstration of changes in the 150-500 per month, or even withhold vehicles punIshment.

Car color change, the law Is allowed, but there are clear limits that can not be changed police Cars, fire engines, ambulances and engineering rescue vehicles look. After the color change to do the procedure Is not complicated, but can also be handed over to another agent, it Is very convenient.

after the vehicle change color, the owner should go within ten days after the regIstration Vehicle AdminIstration to change the color changes Carried out: the need to Carry when handling: the identity of the owner of the vehicle and a copy of the original proof of, motor vehicle regIstration certificate, motor vehicle driving license. If you are represented by others, need power of attorney, an agent and a copy of the original proof of identity.

We know that the Car Is legal to change the color of the future, we focus on Automotive technology to change the color of prices and different ways to change the color used by the.

There are two main Auto color change mode, changing the original paint color, the need to continue the original paint for post-processing;

Another One Is to change the Car color Car paint in the original film posted, the Car seems hurt small but the law does not permit, it Will affect the inspection, can only be a temporary play.

Color value change on AutomobilesGrid, saying the whole Car changed color film the way to a brand change color film, for example, also depends on the model. ThIs Is the 3000-6800 regular price. If it Is SUV or some dIscoloration of going a little higher up.

It depends on what you want to gear change color film, there are imported, made in U.S., as well as a joint venture. Prices are not a kind.

The body sample sizes different charges, you see what types of films used. The general Is divided matt film, light film, a film of ice, candy film, electro-optical film, electroless plating several types, which may be divided into imported and domestic. So probably about the fee range Is 3000-8000.

In general, then covered with the paint film property change color if A – B – Class block has branded goods from 2000–8000 (including man-hours), if above the level C the Car then it depends on the specific circumstances, the price Will be higher.

case, then if you are going to do a lot of painting complex, first removable cover piece of work costs, costs of painting, there Is to Issue traffic control by the record.

Car color change vehicle how much? It depends on what color, as well as the quality of the paint, as well as the brand with the ordinary, thIs price Is not the same.

2000 + cheap paint to get, there are tens of thousands of expensive, you also have your place, one imported paint, the cost of expensive, and second, the effect Is good, bright blind – Third, it could make the special effects, of course, paint Is money.

Automotive paint major cost raw materials cost: primer, putty, sandpaper, epoxy primer, paint, varnIsh, wax, polIsh and some small auxiliary supplies.

In a painting whole Car 4S shop to do, for example, a metal such as DuPont lacquer paint, probably cost 1200 yuan to 1,600 yuan. The time charge Is due to the factory-specific. Under normal circumstances, ordinary Car Is about 4,000 yuan, the Car Is a little better about 5,000 yuan, high-end Cars Will more than 6000 yuan a. So, the whole Car painting, the work costs are the most expensive, it largelyIt determines the level of the final cost of repairing the degree.

Automotive paint common part Is 8: bonnet, front bumper, fender sides, roof, four doors, trunk lid, the latter two Hom. In painting price 4S stores eight sites refer to the following:

engine front cover: 600 to 800 yuan

Body fallback cover: 600 to 800 yuan

full dIscharge door: 500 ~ 600 / month

roof: 600-900 yuan

full front bumper spray: 500 to 700 yuan

semi spray bar: 400 to 500 yuan

full spray bars: 600 to 800 yuan

MIRROR paint: 150 yuan /

front fender paint: 450-700 yuan / unilateral


fender paint: 450-700 yuan / unilateral

wheel arch paint: 200

trim paint: 200

the whole Car paint: 6000 ~ 9000 yuan

In general, If the paint using a plain, for example, black or white, then the price Will then offer about 10%. If the metallic paint Is used, there Is the kind of shiny metal particles small, common color Is white, gray gold, silver, etc., that the paint Is substantially above the price. Less expensive than plain metallic paint.

The above Is the 4S shops offer, if it Is to brand repair shops, the price Will be a lot cheaper, in general can save 20% to 30%, the highest able to offer about 50%, very affordable.

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