Car cigarette lighter voltage V Is how much, how can the cigarette lighter voltage

in the presence of a cigarette lighter, not only to the owners of a cigarette lighter to the source of the fire, followed by a Car may also be configured inverter. But before we buy, be sure to pay attention to the voltage cigarette lighter. So, in the end the Car cigarette lighter voltage Is the number of volts, today we announced that we would look at it.

want to know the Car cigarette lighter voltage, you need to see what your Car model belongs. For some of the family Car, the voltage Is generally lighter DC 12V, if it Is a large transport vehicle, then cigarette lighter DC voltage was 24V. But the voltage value of it, and not a fixed number, different models there may be subtle differences, so the safest way Is to view Car manual data identified it, and secondly we can measure themselves.

how the amount of cigarette lighter voltage

1. First we need to prepare a multimeter , and transferred to the gear position of 50V. Do not be transferred to the current file, or Is likely to damage the multimeter.

2 was then measured using the cigarette lighter socket outer wall of the pen and the black hole multimeter, and the red pen where the measured center of the bottom cigarette lighter socket. Note, however, measurements with the red pen when it Is sure to avoid a short circuit and the outer wall, so that the burn multimeter.

3. Finally, the numerical dIsplay of the multimeter, Is the Car cigarette lighter voltage.