Car Care Tips, you know?

vehicle maintenance and it surely you Will pay special attention to the faithful Car, not only for our security, but also affect the life of our Car. If a long time without maintenance may have some rIsks to our personal safety. So we went to when maintenance Is not always necessary to do some projects do not? Xiao Bian tell you Is that several of the projects it Is not necessary to prevent everyone Waste of money

1, deep cleaning engine

thIs project Is sound feeling Is not very big, but the actual project has little effect on the Car. As long as usual when the attention of the Car wash on the line, do not need special cleaning and maintenance have time. Let’s just wasted money.

2. Cleaning air conditioning

ThIs Is our most gullible place, when you hear the maintenance staff said that it would endanger our health, most of us would choose to wash, but thIs fact Is not necessary when cleaning and maintenance, can buy yourself a bottle of cleaning agents to clean, to spend only when maintenance money wasted.

3. Cleaning tire

that we basically Will be skipped, but does not rule out some Car owners to put into the maintenance himself busy with other things. Thus “be maintained.” In fact, the useful life of tires would have to grow, but also because of a broken force.

4. Cleaning oil

We hear that most would choose to wash, but a and a project Is not necessary to burn it, because oil Is likely to cause damage when cleaning, leading to contamination of the fuel even more serious consequences occur.

Finally it, small series to remind everyone must pay attention to the above points, we must look at some small knowledge of maintenance of the Car, lest repair shop and 4S shop pits, waste money.