Car Care Tips, clothed yourself but oh!

There are a lot of gasoline and Car owners friends have little problems go 4S shop to repair, a change leather seats, air conditioning filters or maintenance of the Car, saw a relatively simple process, you can know how many there are tricky, there are small series back pack from New York to New York to chat with a friend talking about thIs, let Xiaobian to lIsten to hIs remarks was stunned, real earned, Xiao Bian gave you today to share small compile lessons learned to want to help everyone. 4S shop Is the main source of profit for the maintenance of the vehicle. If you do not want the 4S shop every few days to take the initiative when turtles, as owners, the maintenance Is time to understand some basic knowledge of the vehicle. .

1 would not start

Processing Method: wiretap charge itself

owners are the most common problems, probably a few would not start. In most cases thIs Is because the problem caused by the Car battery Is dead. Note the dashboard of the vehicle, if the battery Is recognized as a problem, not to continuous ignition again, so that Is not able to start the engine, but also make the battery has insufficient power consumed last more than electricity. We need to do Is actually very simple: If your vehicle Is equipped with a battery, commonly known as the Martial Law take the line, it would be easy, we can borrow the other Car battery ignition for hIs Car. In general, the only loss of battery electric vehicles after a more than a step away from ignition smoothly.

Note operations as a whole further comprIsing: prior to take the line connected to the power supply models, must first turn off the engine; take the line must not let the battery has positive and negative electrodes contact short circuit Is very dangerous, can cause damage to the Car; take the time to split the line first remove the negative, then remove the positive; if it Is because of low winter temperatures allow the battery to freeze, it does not apply to thIs approach.

In addition, in order to keep the battery always maintain a good working condition, the owner of the Car but also to develop good habits. After stopping to remember to turn off lights and Automotive electrical, air conditioning and do not let the Car start with, after stalling in place to avoid prolonged use of sound and lights.

2 tireBurst

Processing method: Self tire change

In other tires, seemingly complex Is heavy live children, in fact, after 15 minutes proficiency can get, just need to take some effort, but the female owner and they can cope, but the preparatory work must be done.

The Car Is parked on level ground, the parking gear engaged (linked to a manual transmIssion gear) and the parking brake, the front and rear stay pads with stones, prevent slip Car. When replacing the tires on the roadside, be sure to park your Car in a secure location, and to be placed in the Car after a good warning triangle, turn off, pull the hand brake and turn on warning lights.

Remove jack and wheel nut wrench, the wrench wheel tapered end cap or wheel trim cover forced open center, Is exposed wheel nuts, each wheel nut counterclockwIse Loosen half turn direction, not to loosen before the Car jacking. The jack Is then placed next to the jack positioned at the notch nearest to want to change the door from the tire, the jack handle Is rotated clockwIse, until the wheel completely off the ground. Remove the wheel nuts and wheel nut wrench replaced with a new tire, it was confirmed outwardly valve. Replace the wheel until the wheel nut Is attached to the hub, not to fully tighten the wheel nuts front landing wheels. The jack handle Is rotated counterclockwIse, the wheel ground. Remove jack, the wheel nut Is fully tightened. To the upper end of the nut runner wheel, and a spacer a twIst until all tightened. Replace the wheel center caps or decorative cover, jack, wheel nut wrench and special locks put away for the next time they find good use. .

3 vehicle wiper not used

Processing Method: replace or repair

with respect to the summer of heavy rain, drizzle in fact the nearest vehicle wiper of “magic mirror.” Many wiper, clean and works smoothly in case of heavy rain, but now the rain like a non-rainy weather, yet the owners anxious out of the sweat, and maybe you want to go 4S shop handling? In fact, no need.

To ensure good vIsibility,Wipers generally need to be replaced once a year or so. When we check the wipers can pull up with your fingers touch the rubber on the wiper after cleaning, check for damage and how elastic rubber blade. If the leaf aging, hardening, cracks, the wiper blade needs to be replaced. Replace the wiper blade Is very simple, fixed wiper blade generally U-hook type, as long as the hook to pull up to remove the wiper replacement, but pay attention to the old and new wiper blade model to be the same.

When the wiper blade wiper adverse beginning, try the following method: first windshield wiper blade separated, washed with water wet wiper blade, with No. 800 water sandpaper to grind wiper blade back and forth 4-5 times, and then back into the water after the windshield can be cleaned. The principle of thIs method Is mainly a small modification of the wiper blade by dust, temperature changes caused by heating and cooling with water sandpaper polIshed.

4. The window regulator Is not smooth

Processing method: clean track to

the most common situation Is that while lifting the window was found around two lifting speed variation rate thereof. Usually the reason for thIs phenomenon Is due to the lifter some dust into the track, the frictional resIstance between the glass and the groove becomes large, and produce thIs result. ThIs Is not much of a problem, as long as the appropriate cleaning can solve the problem. recommend to a professional service station operation, yourself if you want, you should use the rubber professional cleaners. Since many rubber seals around the power window, if the improper selection of detergents, corrosion would rubber, deterioration of the sealing strip, dry, and thus lose their effectiveness, window sealing lowered.

around the skylight falling snow melted, and after overnight, the temperature of the entire vehicle Is lowered, ice melted snow hydrogel, easy to make the glass window frame with a sealant frozen. The sunroof easy to force open the sunroof motor and the rubber seal Is damaged, so the temperature rIse inside the vehicle to be thawed and then open the sunroof confirmed. Further, the roof weather strip surface after painting or flocking, to avoid freezing, spray treatment Is preferably dry with a soft cloth strips, then cover with talc. The flockingProcessing tape can be wiped away, do not glue oil.

intelligent maintenance cheaper

many service businesses Will recommend when to do maintenance vehicle owners to change “three filter”, and even increase evaporators, oil and other unnecessary items maintenance projects, while also promoting the so-called “full maintenance packages” to charge high fees. Determine the various types of maintenance operations mileage intervals scientifically, not only make the Car kept in good technical condition, but also make you save maintenance costs and repair costs.

In determining vehicle maintenance cycle, reference should be recommended by the manufacturer of Automobile maintenance cycle, with the vehicle’s own state of the art and actual use conditions, the maintenance period to make appropriate Adjustment. General Automotive technology Car in good condition, under good operating conditions employed, may be extended maintenance period; poor condition and Automotive technology, or adverse operating conditions, should be appropriate to shorten the maintenance cycle. Also focus on the Car environment Is also taken into account, such as running more rapid road vehicles, oil attenuation performance relative environmental slower traffic jam, can be appropriately extended drain intervals; while driving environment cleaner vehicles, air filter and air-conditioning filter replacement cycle may be extended as required.

wIsely to buy parts, maintenance intervals can be extended vehicle. Including oil, fuel filters, oil filters, including a lot of supplies, in fact, correspond to the original parts have long-term, these accessories can have a longer than normal effective use accessories, which means it has a longer the replacement cycle. Although these prices may be slightly higher than the ordinary spare parts spare parts, but the average must regIster or cost-effective and hassle free.

little friends, you learn it?