Car Care must go to 4S store? Staff tell the truth, now I know not too late

Car Care must go to 4S store? Staff tell the truth, now know or later

now living, the Car has become a daily essential tool in our lives. Whether daily commuting or go traveling are inseparable from the Car. In the course of the vehicle, the owner of the Car maintenance Is what we need something relations. A degree of vehicle maintenance Is good or bad, determines the life of the vehicle, but also determines the course of daily comfort and safety. For most of us Car owners, vehicle maintenance certainly preferred to think of 4S shop, 4S shop feel more professional, more at ease. But whether the Car must go to 4S shop maintenance problems, a 4S shop staff accidentally revealed the truth, after the owners know it Is sigh, felt ripped off for years.

For 4S shop, they just maintain their home-brand Cars, while the repair shop Is different, no matter what brand, as long as they entered the store, they repair, we all know that industry specializing in surgery, so professional 4S shop Is certainly no doubt, in terms of technical ability of maintenance personnel, tools or equipment used above, certainly stronger than the roadside repair shop, vehicle 4S maintenance shop also makes people more peace of mind. ThIs Is the gap between the two.

for the maintenance of the vehicle can not be a problem in the repair shop, 4S shop staff said so. For just bought a new Car, general manufacturers Will be presented with a free first security, it Will certainly be the first vehicle insurance in the 4S shop maintenance, first of all Is not to spend money, not to mention thIs. There Is, after all, just use the vehicle Is still in the stage, the first insurance, you can under the circumstances thIs time driving, the vehicle had any problems arIse, have reacted to the 4S shop. 4S stores in a timely manner to allow you to get rid of. Let yourself peace of mind in the future use of the vehicle.

When the vehicle passed the first insurance, you’ll be able to decide where to go maintenance according to their actual situation. Like very common oil change, filter change and maintenance of thIs small, you can close to home repair shop, because such small maintenance no technical content, at most, to make some choices on the oil quality. After all, to do maintenance in the repair shop than to the 4S shop maintenance much cheaper price. If the vehicle has been running for several years, you need to replace the engine timing belt or need replacement parts, you Will need to repair 4S shop, 4S shop after all the materials used are basically unified procurement, quality and quantity. Instead some repair shop because they are inexpensive, they give you replacement parts Vice plant parts, quality Is very poor, you Will not be long before broken. So chose to 4S shop more at ease. And later if other problems arIse because the replacement parts cause, you can also find the 4S shop. Let them do the appropriate treatment.

In particular, note that when your vehicle to 20,000 kilometers, 40,000 kilometers, 60,000 kilometers, usually when we need the vehicle to do an overall examination. Do thIs check, we also need to 4S shop. Because the 4S stores Will give you a system to make entry vehicle regIstration, if future problems are also evidence-based.

Read these you should be aware that the maintenance of the vehicle does not always need to go to the 4S shop. We according to the actual situation, sometimes you can choose cheaper repair shop, not only has no effect on the vehicle, but also save a lot of money. Some Car owners regardless of the size of the problem, ran to the 4S shop, Is not feeling a great loss to eat it?