Car broke down, Why now many owners not to 4S shop maintenance? The original Is because these three

Car broke down, Why now many owners not to 4S shop maintenance? The original Is because these three! The Car Is one thing we are often able to see the community, although the Car belongs to a more expensive item, but introduced in improving the quality of life, but also to expand our circle of life a few times, no Cars can only bus, subway, bus ride the train, but we have a private Car in the future Will make us very convenient, want to go to drive on it, whether it Is in deep forests or bustling city, as long as the roads are able to walk, although after buying a Car Is not easy, and our lives, but Is also something special for a lot of trouble, the Car fails, turn off suddenly broke down and so on, are all owners Will feel very troublesome. After the failure of the Car Is certainly going to be repaired, but some people say a little pit 4s shop side, thIs Is not absolute, after all, we also know that for some of the 4S Is still more formal, I think that pit 4S shop Is, in fact, because these aspects are also due today, I tell you Is that Is Why owners do not choose to go to 4s shops to repair it?

of a 4S shop management problem, because what kind of leadership Will be what kind of employees 4s shop, each week receipt Will give maintenance personnel training for the manager, they Will also conduct Is how to induce the customer after-sales output value increased consumption among maintenance personnel to do the training course for maintenance personnel Will also have some irregular operation or He said to be exaggerated induced consumption, which Is leading to convey the meaning, then for maintenance personnel and they can only be made in accordance with thIs idea, after all, linked with their own interests, so that it Is also very critical. The idea

The first two maintenance staff, we all know that a lot of maintenance personnel for now, they are blind pursuit of value in the process of repairing a Car, after all all it Is related to the value of higher than first order with hIs commIssion, so that customers in the process of repair, maintenance personnel Will often sell an additional product, although some services are normal, but we also know that for maintenance staff, because the owners do not understand thIs Is to induce the consumer to make a lot of people Will wonder Why 4s shop you Why.

of the three owners of the knowledge of the Car, thIs point Is also very serious, because we all know that for now the purchase channels Is also special, whether it Is online or the store where the sale of oil, as well as accessories prices are particularly expensive Cars, they can get 4s side of shop repair prices do comparIson, especially if the gap Is large, then the owner can refuse 4s shop, after all, who money Is money.

We all know that for now the society Is different from before, and market prices are transparent, Is not as developed as before with the network or Shopping Is difficult, resulting in high maintenance plant or 4s shop prices, for those owners Is no way to choose, but for now the owners, it has been the topic Is not a must, after all, Is the special repair shop more cheap, thIs Is the reason Why the shop 4s fewer of the traffic.