Car broke down several times more maintenance, repair men do not have to pay, the store: dIsassembly costs

Lead: Car broke down several times more maintenance, repair men do not have to pay, the store: dIsassembly costs

Mr. Deng last year, bought a Car, some time ago, the Car there Is a problem, then find a service station, have been talking about the good price suddenly changed their mind, increased by several times, Mr. Deng Is not repaired, but also hIs other dIsassembly costs . Mr. Deng can not be accepted.

Mr. Deng last March in Hangzhou, a city Car to buy a new Leopard Chang, spent 50,000 dollars. A week ago, when he was driving, suddenly the dashboard dIsplay Is faulty, water tank water temperature Is too high. Mr. Yu Shideng drove up to the point specified by the merchant service check, but after checking, the other told Mr. Deng, a vat of bad head gasket, cylinder want to change a pad, because it Is so burned their own needs at their own expense, It takes about 14 – hundred dollars.

was on a good price, Mr. Deng to go first, after back home the next day, a telephone call over the maintenance point thIs call to let Mr. Deng bit angry, the store said that the engine Is also bad, maintenance costs to become 7000 dollars. After a night repair prices turned over several times, which makes Mr. Deng can not accept, so he went to the other house to inquire about the price, find thIs service costs a little expensive, so do not intend at thIs repair, however, the problem Out.

service point that Mr. Deng repair shop if they do not, then they would dig dIsmantling costs. ThIs Is even more angry at Mr. Deng, had prices overnight prices have people very angry, and now have to dIsassembly costs, Mr. Deng said that if somehow he Is also’ll dig thIs cost, but now demolIshed a pile of parts in it, he did not know hIs Car in the end what went wrong, but also money.

Reporters call the repair site to understand the situation, the caller said, the beginning of time there Is no open look, from the outside as well as small parts check the cylinder head gasket experience to judge just been washed away, so maintenance costs as long as 1400 on it, but found may be due to too much red after the open, the engine has also been rushed deformed, so maintenance costs and certainly expensive. If Mr. Deng did not want to repair the Car may have been towed away at thIs, dIsassembly costs are not collected.

But there are other concerns Mr. Deng, mIssing parts towed away after the event, not assemble it how to do? People repair station that people can call other maintenance points over to check if they Will have lost pay, promIsed Mr. Deng expressed.

For thIs matter, the authors have something to say.

1, the repair site after the dIscovery of new problems keep the vehicle good customer communication, taking pictures and leaving evidence, if the follow-up occurs, there Is evidence that the truth, as well as the dIsmantling costs, the authors really do not know should or should not be negative. ThIs should be the eyes of the beholder wIse see wIsdom to do it.

2, the vehicle should pay more attention in the process of moving, identify problems solved. And the Car to regular maintenance, identify problems as early as possible to prevent implicated in other aspects of performance and so on.

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