Car battery replaced less than two years, the owner does not regret earlier thIs knowledge.

customers to the store yesterday a maintenance Car, acquaintances over, ran more than two years, are in the 4S shop maintenance before, then feel expensive also been a warranty come out maintenance. Customers found the Car battery when maintenance Is very new, asked to know the customer Car run for two years, when there are more than twenty thousand kilometers in less than thirty thousand when the 4S shop for a battery. SurprIse …… two years to run twenty thousand kilometers for a battery, Is not it a little loss? 4S shop Is not a pit him? After further chat learned that the customer usually drive much, and sometimes more than ten days Is not a place on the EMU, rarely taking a trip, the owners also want to hear music, also appeared last winter could not beat the Car, so that rescue 4S shop twice, the second time decIsively replaced.

can say that thIs Car two years to replace the battery Is not loss! The main reason Is the owner, do not know how daily use of the battery. We have some knowledge of Car speakers to the battery, the owner regret it, but now know that’s not too late. He regarded thIs rare phenomenon, rarely encountered. To know the general owner of the battery, normal use, with three or four years do not have to worry about replacing the battery, and even a lot of owners do not have to use five or six years to replace the seven or eight years! ! !

Here we take a brief look at aspects of the knowledge of the Car battery.

Car battery Is generally divided into ordinary batteries (battery and the battery Is only a concept different habit of name), and maintenance-free batteries dry-charged batteries. Now Cars are basically maintenance-free battery, simple and convenient, and have a safe life of a direct replacement.

The following figure shows the measured battery professional equipment, 4S shop or repair shop decorated store has. Viewing area circled region.


we should know the battery: (1) the starter starts, i.e. launch vehicle; (2) power to a powered device, such as a stereo, Car lights, speakers, comes with appliances, as well as tachograph navigation plus appliances; (3) the equivalent of a large capacitance, popular terms Is like a reservoir, under certain conditions, suddenly comes a strong current, it can intercept it, Will not damage other appliances; (4) stored power generator.

of FIG.Multimeter can also measure the actual situation of the battery, when measured at rest, measure the Car to start playing, you know.

In general its design life of more than two years also points to normal use within two years there Will not be any problems, but with the increase of time, the generator and starter the performance Will change, the performance of the battery Will gradually reduce. When you feel a taxi difficult or battery could not beat the Car, with the 4S shop or repair workshop professional testing equipment to detect what can be seen Is not the replacement. Another simple way Is to look directly above the battery, there Is something like a small round mirror, you can see it inside the color just above the general three colors, are the subject of the edge of what color corresponds to what state, owners can look at. The picture shows the Automotive battery

, the red battery parameters, in other words to change the battery in accordance with thIs parameter. The yellow region of the battery viewport, color representation and meaning.

How can we ensure that the Car’s battery Is about five years instead of two replacement Will replace it?

After the flame would not have time to lIsten to music or using other electrical appliances, and because the electricity you use battery power, and with too much for too long, easy battery power loss. Do not always put the Car in there Is not always open or short run, because thanks to battery charging generators for Cars, for a long time so easy to aggravate the oxidation of the battery (the battery has been recharged electricity), shortened service life. If necessary, you can also use Auto repair shop dedicated battery charger, every other period of time on one charge. After the parking remember to turn off air conditioning, because the air conditioning compressor work required, if the open air, the start time more than a compressor, a lot of resIstance increases, the battery starts laborious, long-term, shortened battery life. Remember, positive to positive if jumper with, negative to negative. And the owners themselves do not easily replace the battery yourself, some Cars can not cut.

only part of the above, there are a few particularly practical Is thIs: (1) If not our own city 4S shop, they should contact a repair shop or repair shop, so, when our Car one day because the battery Will not start the Car, you do not panic, a phone call to someone to rescue, convenient and costsEven less.

(2) If our Car battery Is more than three years or five years, six years, not replaced, can be equipped with an emergency power supply to the Car, jumper or two, the critical time Is especially useful.

(3) with long-time Car, you can use professional equipment to detect it, and he Is to have a comprehensive understanding of the Car battery status.

days slowly turned cold, winter Is not easy to most Car ignition, the owners hope a lot of attention to the state of the battery.

The following figure shows a battery Is replaced, static measurements demonstrate it.

These are some of the knowledge about the Car battery, deficiencies exhibitions.