Car appears these questions, then you have to go to 4s shops to repair, may suffer a great deal because they are cheap

Is now more and more private Cars, while Car manufacturers are also further lower prices so that more people can afford Cars, but for most people, Cars Is still a luxury, it must be a good buy conservation. But things are unpredictable, sometimes the Car Will inevitably be a problem to fix, and because of 4s shop comparIson, most of the repair shop to be cheaper, so many people Will choose to repair the vehicle in the repair shop, but everyone knows, Cars it appeared a few questions, then you have to go to 4s shops to repair, because they are cheap, but would be dIsastrous.

1. Automotive chassIs components

Many Automotive chassIs components are very fine, but not complex. So thIs Is also the birth of many small parts factory. But produced parts quality Is uneven, and there Is a very important point, although these parts are not complicated, but very fine, and sometimes tend to be a little mIstake on the quality, it can also cause very serious consequences . So be sure to go to 4s shops to replace the original parts. .

2 engine belt

A lot of people hear thIs Will say:? Is not it also used a belt to the 4S shop? ThIs may not sound like a belt, engine belts, but very importantly, it Is mainly used to transmit the force of the crankshaft to drive the working parts of pumps, generators and other charge, can be said that these parts of the “bridge” . So it requires very high precIsion, if you can not guarantee the fine can not be installed, if the wrong belt may also occur high fuel consumption, power loss and other problems.

3. The wheel alignment

for wheel alignment, no matter how or go to 4s shops to adjust the most secure . Although the need for an auxiliary instrument at the time of commIssioning, but eventually need repairman final commIssioning. And speaking from experience, 4s are trained mechanic point of the system, for its own brand vehicles are familiar with, and 4s shop Will have detailed information on the vehicle. Some combination certainly do better than the repair shop, after all, thIs Is related to the safety of the passenger.

4. jitter engine flameout

If thIs occurs mostly due to a problem with the engine sensor. ThIs check Is performed often have a professional inspect the instrument, but also because of the different data each Car, the situation Is not the same, and 4s shops have detailed notes, maintenance Will certainly be some finer.

After reading the above, you probably understand the Car if these problems occur, do not petty, it Is recommended to go 4S shop repair, or might regret .