Car always go to 4s shop maintenance, do not be fooled

always go to 4s shop maintenance, do not be fooled?

we went to 4s shop to do repairs or maintenance, it Is very likely to be deceived, store people found thIs man might look like barking price, etc., you may have heard but not necessarily too come across, it Is best not to run into, like to hear. When Is urged to stay in mind it self-defense. Well first of all it Is what I just said 4s shop Will look at the price, you look at the pit 4s shop you are not “white Bo”, if they are directly went to the lounge to drink a coffee, and then said to the maintenance of the master, “Well, call I “hands-off, it Is certainly the most powerful way to store all out, and if the owner understand the comparIson, then thIs Will be a variety of problems.

want to solve thIs problem, the simplest way Is to shop to check. But we do not know ah, that ran what Is the use? I’m simply saying thIs, you are the bad that you put where he painted with a camera shot down, and then said I do not know that I have thIs photo to stay in there after the real problem I can take thIs evidence come to you Right. Then all of a problem thIs Is a better way to leave. There Is a treat regular customers of good things, such as what students such things that the son of a friend of my relatives and friends, or that that person Is in good 4s shop work. You want to be a two-way relationship, you want thIs relationship Is cheaper someone might have wanted to make more money through thIs relationship it? Who can not say which aspects of the relationship harder.

that we do thIs in a small piece of cotton plug in place before you air filter maintenance, sense of accelerated after the opening two days of the Car Is not up . But also ran 4s shop, you said that the people back to the intake system to fight stink, if you Zaichi one week, then we should come twenty thousand dollars, and today you can get a 2000. Even if there Is a relationship Is not necessarily good.

many parts of the maintenance period not to, it may be bad, would go to 4s shop repair, then it Is relatively them Will get more money , such as gearbox oil models are usually more than three years Will consider changing if the two exchange words seems to have very long, then people trying to persuade you, then it replaced, and thIsIt Is a waste of money, but the significance Is not large. What maintenance book above many things to see would be entirely sufficient own use, if you have reached the best level, and there Is no need to change in advance.

ThIs Is not the oil filter on your Car Is not very good, you Will pay more with your point of 100 dollars ah, a lot of the store are saying thIs Will allow you how to also, how that can make you as good, then somehow you buy, really Is more expensive Is it appropriate? Not necessarily, as we all know, not to estimate the price they fit hIs Car, he must

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