Car air conditioning inner and outer loop opening which Is more fuel-efficient? Old drivers know?

for a friend who has a Car, the Car’s air conditioning can be a good solution to thIs problem in the summer heat, but some friends can not tell the difference “in the loop” and “outer loop”, the Car’s air conditioning when selecting the inner loop on it, it Is necessary to choose the outer loop? Car air conditioning inner and outer loop opening which Is more fuel-efficient? Old drivers know?

Since small series so it must be asked Is not the same. Facts have proved that the outer loop mode fuel consumption of fuel per one hundred kilometers per cent more than the inner loop of about 0.1 liters of it, in fact, can be said to be small enough to be ignored, but what Is the reason for thIs difference Is it? In fact, that simple point Is that if the Car has been circulating inside the state, the air inside the Car itself Is no longer hot, the compressor would not need to work, just an ordinary Car air circulation can make the cold air interspersed throughout the cabin.

Is not the same, but the outer loop, the outer loop needs to continuously hot outdoor air becomes cool air through the compressor, and then pass the inner compartment , of which the operation of the compressor or not, could make the difference in fuel consumption and poor students. Friends may say so, it would have opened direct the inner loop like a chant, anyway, it Is the same cool. Xiao Bian want to say, of course not so simple, and that .01 liters of fuel consumption differences are also valuable. If the Car continues to turn in the cycle, although the temperature Is cool, but there Is no air flow, and over time the oxygen content in the compartment fall, acting on the direct consequence of the driver who Is the driver Will feel quickly tired, feel weak.

Therefore, in the process of moving, always keep in the loop Is not a wIse approach, the experts recommend including cycle lasting about 30 minutes, switched to outer loop mode and a period of time in order to replenIsh the oxygen content in the passenger compartment can be chauffeur-driven to ensure the greatest degree of safety. While driving convenience, but safety Is the first one, not because of the difference that 0.5 liters of fuel consumption to ignore the importance of the cabin oxygen content. Today, Xiao Bian want to say that you have to remember it? Remember to switch the inner loop and outer loop Oh!