Car 4s shop should pay attention to after-sales service

2019 new national regIstration of motor vehicles 31.72 million, the vehicle population has reached 327 million. Data show that the Automotive service market has reached 2 trillion yuan. After U.S.’s Auto market has not ushered in the outbreak, still maintained the status quo of small, scattered, chaotic and so on. With the new Car production capacity enhancement, inventory remains high, new Car profit margins, resulting in Auto 4S shops selling system costs soar suffered a crIsIs of survival.

On thIs basIs, the market has become Auto dealers seek new profit point of direction, but the Car 4S shop system maintenance costs have gone up, but the service has not been promoted. For the majority of consumers, in which the vehicle repair process, the requirements necessary to provide a good service, but also low price.

forced Auto 4S shops earnings pressure, leading to high maintenance costs. In addition, the brand licensing constraints on Auto 4S shop, resulting in the cost of services and prices get down. In recent years, restructuring or seek immediate collapse of the Auto 4S shop more than 50 percent, based on thIs, the Car market Will be the main task of Automobile 4S stores profitable.

Since the Automotive aftermarket Is so important, maybe we can, a more perfect service skills to obtain greater market share through a higher level of service. Therefore, from the customer to look at Cars, setting Cars, Car to after-sales service should have a more standardized management processes; in order to manage more standardized and efficient information management tools Is the trend, similar to the nebula system so fully involved in all aspects of Auto 4S shop management , the most important Is the difficulty to solve all aspects of data exchange, data exchange of the plate.

more and more Internet, the Automotive industry giants, the capital market concerns enterprIse digital management to prove the timing of digital management maturity, 4s shop as the development of the first year of a mature business model, perhaps when the introduction of new management tools to develop a wider world.