Buy Volvo Cars found repaired, Weifang NordIsk 4S shop changed its name does not recognize, 2 years have not been resolved

Dazhong Weifang poster News · April 25 (Reporter Sunyong Lian) Recently, Qingdao citizens to reflect Ms. Jiang Dazhong Reporters that she buy a Car in Weifang NordIsk Motor Service Ltd. two years later, the Car had stumbled maintenance records before buying, suspected to be a vehicle accident. Rights denied, she chose to court, during the court may, 4S shop franchIse suddenly changed, became Weifang NordIsk BHL Automobile Trading Co., Ms. Jiang question no longer respond. Now, 2 years later, Ms. Jiang also did not wait for a clear answer.

Ms. Jiang Is Qingdao, has a soft spot for Volvo Cars, in early 2015, after the selection of multi-party comparIson, the final choice in Weifang NordIsk Car service Ltd. purchased a Volvo v40 sedan, March 8, 2015, Ms. Jiang’s husband and Weifang NordIsk Motor service Ltd. signed a “contract for the sale Car” and then paid in full of Cars and Car withdrawn.

around April 2019, Ms. Jiang Is notified Qingdao Volvo 4S shop to make troubleshooting before insurance, accident that buy their own Car in buying ago, there have been maintenance records, not only to her personal caused economic losses, leaving her feeling cheated deception, 4S shop selling Cars that there Is fraud.

Subsequently, Ms. Jiang’s family on a long road rights, contact the seller – Automobile Service Co., Ltd. Weifang NordIsk seeks compensation after being refused, she tried to contact Weifang City after the Trade and Industry Bureau, and consumer associations to playing to the phone, the relevant departments to send law enforcement officers to investigate the case of the 4S shop, coordinated to no avail. “4S shop people do not recognize, but let me go to court.” Ms. Jiang told Reporters.

in order to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, Ms. Jiang can only choose to go the route of legal rights, but in the meantime, Nord 4S shop suddenly changed the franchIse , renamed “Automobile Trade Co., Ltd. Weifang NordIsk BHL”, still Carried the Volvo vehicle sales and after-sales service at the site, but no longer respond to the previous question. “Or the original address and original person, or sell Volvo, but it Is not the original company told me, my thing and they did notThere are relationships. “

because the original seller has vacant, only a legal person, the legal rights approach also encountered obstacles, Ms. Jiang’s rights road became very difficult, to date, she did not wait a clear answer.

Reporter from the maintenance records provided by Ms. Jiang, her Car was repaired in 2014 into the plant twice. the first time was in November, dIsplay left front door, computer boxes, front bumper, radiator frame, rear bumper and headlights were detachably on the left front fender, the front rim and a lid water spray. the second Is in December, indicating the replacement the four tires, has been painting three of the rim. and Ms. Jiang’s husband Arnold 4S shop and the date of signing the purchase contract Is March 8, 2015.

4 May 25 morning, the Reporter contacted Weifang NordIsk Volvo 4S shop to ask thIs, a staff member said no information found Ms. Jiang’s Car after inquiry, they do not understand the matter, the person in charge Is not in the store, they no longer respond.