Buy a stock car how to do?

thIs off-season (March, April, July, August) to buy a Car, we are in trouble, a good bargain a good time ah.

but Is still selling Cars of people, a good time to clear inventory ah, thIs time particularly easy to buy stock Car ah.

What Is stock Car?

domestic Cars over six months, imports of Cars over one year

In fact, that stock Car Strictly speaking, the country Is not provided , thIs Car parked to the 4S shop on the first day, then called the stock, called stock Cars.

of our popular, stock Car on a dialect meaning, often made Cars more than six months, imports of Cars more than a year. Stop relatively long time, and thIs time a new Car Is always a little different, we call it a stock Car.

stock Car can also buy

then we stock Car yet, not that absolutely can not buy, but that we have a right to know, buy when you have to tell me that it Is a stock Car, then what you and I talk about conditions.

You better condition than the other Car, I get more benefits, I think thIs buying method Is also possible.

how to buy stock in the Car, to secure the best interests?

that condition how mention it? Today, the spare tire children to talk about it with you.

starting from the purchase price

First, a first course, Is the prices.

You stopped the Car six months, the Car can stop for a year and just depot was built, shipped to the door, seat coversAre not removed, thIs front windshield as well as the label printed article, the hood Is also close to all protected Car, compared to, of course, Is not enough of.

preferential least three thousand, more points can also be

that under normal circumstances then, about 10 million dollars a Car, if the normal sales and inventory time period, a difference of about six months, I think the prices are cheaper at least at least three thousand dollars.

that more than five thousand dollars, not much of a problem, thIs Is the prices, it can also upset the Car more. Just for your reference on a concept.

To a large variety of maintenance packages

then in addition to the prices we have to I say to them? It Is a large variety of maintenance packages. How thIs say?

the other Car, Dear XXX households, you buy our Car, we send you a maintenance. We maintain thIs Is not a stock Car get away.

I usually recommend my friend, buy a new Car, thIs stock a long time, to be presented twice maintenance. Why?

to avoid the stock Car needs maintenance in advance

because the first time I Care possible because you stop long time, I would advance do out, people bought new Cars, over a three-month, five thousand kilometers to do the maintenance.

because my Car parked for a long time, there has been oil oxidation, opened one thousand kilometers Will replace the two thousand kilometers that after I finIsh thIs, should be the back, I really enjoy buying a new Car a maintenance service, right?

that Is twice that of a fair price, if our friends are talking about little further aheadA little, then send a third I think Is not to say impossible, to see the model specific inventory and really easy to sell ah.

wiper best to get a new

So in addition to stocks and prices , where we have to Care about Is a few parts of our Car Is relatively easy to aging. How that say? He directly replaced with a new, and then I put the Car take a good bad?

For example, the Car wiper blade, wiper blades that are made of rubber, rubber you do not do anything, the wind blow it over there, it Will be aging it Will be split broken.

“You put the Car for half a year, I went out on the matter.” “ThIs Is not wearing parts and maintenance warranty.” …

I do not Care, you put the Car when I saw thIs was a new wiper, the original tear down the new accord, I think thIs Is more should be.

Battery best measure what voltage

then if the battery can not do that yet ? The battery seems a little bit excessive. Because the general Car battery, then the warranty and then a short time and then have a short six months, a little longer there Will be two or three years. Before

Although it Is wearing parts, then we mention Cars, allowing the sale or staff to measure what you voltage of the battery.

battery voltage if it Is within the normal range, we can not ask others to say too much, you give me a new or how. But not to end here, but also to talk about.

for battery replacement coupons

later told him that I came down to you , time to come back to buy the battery, can you give me a% off coupon, or even triple coupons.

Do you think I gave you to do new business, I’m sure to changeYou change because the coupon Is your home, my heart Is uncomfortable give me also heal. Give me a super cow coupons, I think thIs Is quite a condition we all can accept.

headlights should be replaced

So what’s the truth about the same thing ? Is the headlights of the Car.

For example, we generally buy 100,000 dollars, 200,000 dollars or part of the Car were friends, thIs Is often the headlights halogen headlights, headlight bulb dialect called ah It Is also a very easy bad. And when you really own use, what bad road ah, ah Car bobbing, it Is likely that thIs lamp Will not light.

open until you go back, what has been said Is not clear. Prior to mention Cars, Come a few small lamp beads, hundreds of dollars to a few dollars, you help me to replace my Car and then withdrawn.

So talking about thIs stuff when we should feel, you buy a Car like thIs person Is still relatively Careful, you somehow managed to mention go.

paint, too, can be a coupon

have not finIshed, I told you say, that we can not spend time and money, since bought a stock Car a long time, I told you to talk about it.

you put the Car for so long, you’re parked in the open air parking lot or parked in an indoor parking lot? The patting forehead just think well, the pyramids of Egypt, because for too long put put a few thousand years, the triangle of the tower has been blown out of shape.

my Car Is not it the truth, if my Car parked in open areas, the wind and rain, I Will paint damaged.

coupons prices finIshed talking mention

Come, come, thIs time painters coupons, free coupons paint, waxing coupons, boutique and beauty vouchers, thIs kind of thing we want after all talking about price, ask he asked.

thIs asking too, but can not mention in advance, ahead of time because you said thIs thing, selling your Car you know thIs person, they are actually have thIs consciousness.

him when other dIscount or other price negotiations Will advance thIs part of the cost to you go to the stalls, thIs shattering a practice that Finally, we are not saying do not get benefits, Is not it?

let him extra gift you extended warranty service

Of course, there are some imported Car, then, what he might have time to stop super super long, what stopped two years stopped thIs year, you mention the Car, to let him extra gift you extended warranty service.

He said, okay, you go to buy a Car warranty Is in accordance with our invoice of the day, say three years, three years, sixty thousand kilometers, it does not matter.

Car put a long time, more easily broken

However, to put in front of a long , the Car Is more easily broken, the problem Is more likely to occur. So other than you counted in addition to invoices the same day, three sixty thousand kilometers. Can you sending me twenty thousand kilometers a year ah? Or sending me a Car insurance ah.

These things I do suggest that you follow my program thIs order, one by one with these people who sell Cars. Once you order were reversed, people feel shattering, OK Your satIsfaction Is guaranteed. The results did not show us any good groan.

buy a Car or Is plainly drawing, or Is more secure in the map, we absolutely can not waste money spent.

, “said the spare Car” Will give you a day for a small Car practical dry goods, please pay attention to the spare Car, said 60 seconds per day easyUnderstand the Car.