Buy a Rolls-Royce Will be added optional, a gold interior decoration, the owners wanted to say nice point

Rolls-Royce has been the top-level representatives of the Automotive world, the body’s process and design than the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW seven lines to high-end, the cheapest price should be more than three million, thIs Rolls-Royce Ghost Best customized version Is as high as 4.75 million, gotta difference Is more than a logo and a manual Car gold standard

a feature of

the middle of the top color of thIs Car Is a customized version of the ordinary models all all black one.

the front of the Car standard modeling OsCars in fact I really do not Zeyang, mainly on the front of a Rolls-Royce, if zapping van or one hundred thousand about the Car, so you can be the envy of it? The price Is really not cheap, new Car standard 4S shops offer about two hundred thousand in the configuration table written 150,000.

Rolls-Royce V12 engine, probably a lot of fans still do not know, Rolls-Royce Is the world’s largest supplier of aircraft engines, airplanes can imagine Car manufacturers build a high-powered Automobile engine that Is not a piece of cake?

thIs maximum horsepower engine to reach the top 571, the maximum torque of 780 nm!

owners said originally the price Is not that expensive, but the new Car the full amount of about 4.1 million, own a set of optional gold interior point Is to look good, the price Is a lot higher, from outside the body Is basically not apparent, sitting inside to see thIs “soil falling,” the interior

Rolls-Royce Car interiors can only be described as elegant, scientific and technological sense Benz S-class Is not so strong, the center console of a vehicle-mounted table Is said to be 300,000 ?

new Car up feeling hard to describe, watched a video of a similar Car fans know for sure, Rolls-Royce at high speeds Is very quiet indeed very stable

electric Car rear dIsplay and buttons are gold, even the door handles and air conditioning vent did not fall. Three rear seats Is, if you can put down armrestThey sit down, the rotation of the intermediate and control buttons can be connected directly to the screen, what Is generally of watching televIsion more convenient

The level of some random Car optional accessories are enough to buy a Mercedes-Benz BMW, a Car standard are enough to struggle for several years, 18 of the fuel consumption can not afford to really open all the open!