Buy a new car paint problems, men looking for dIscussing media: manager’s attitude scares me

buy a new Car paint problems, men looking for dIscussing media: manager’s attitude sCares me.

A lot of people are basically buying a Car in the 4S shop to buy, of course, some second-hand Car market Is also active buyers Is what we need. But the 4S shop compared to the used-Car market, Car quality assurance provided, plus a lot of people are Willing to buy a new Car, it has been the major brands 4S shop business very well. Sellers make money, consumers buy comfortable. But here there was a Mr. Guo, bought a Car but met bothering children, and not out of the new Car 4S shop, he had accidentally dIscovered a less vIsible problem.

It Is thIs Issue, do 4S shop manager Guo and unpleasant, Guo how the Car Is it? Recently, Guo found the media, According to Guo tell myself that day would have been happy to 4S shop to mention the Car, but own a small observation, dIscovered the Car’s paint a little problem.

in front of Reporters, he had with Reporters, and went to buy hIs own Car, pointing to a painting of the rear wing of the Car taillights, He said paint here obviously has a problem, such as some of Xiaodong Dong. Guo said he Is not a professional, but thIs Is obviously feeling on and around the paint Is not the same, suspected to be sprayed repair 4S shop of their own. Mr. Yu Shiguo satIsfied, and then find solutions 4S shop, 4S shop Is given so that Guo unacceptable.

Guo original idea Is to get the 4S shop to replace your Car yourself, but store officials say thIs Issue we give you plus two boxes oil, sending you maintenance on the line. Faced with thIs solution, Mr. Guo can not accept, he insIsted asked for a new Car.

now find the media in the hope that an explanation to the 4S shop, to protect their consumer rights. Later, Reporters with Mr. Guo, came to the manager’s office thIs 4S shop together. Into the office, a manager Guo received. But thIs manager for the arrival of Reporters, appeared to be very satIsfied, mouth to say that you criticize these Reporters all day engaged in some of the mess attitude. The manager on the spotAgitated, he insIsted that he Is customer service, and correspondents also tried to talk in the service concept.

thIs time the office of another staff member also come forward to explain, saying that we can only say that thIs Is the original paint, and if Mr. Guo doubt, you can go do to identify. ThIs phenomenon occurs for the body, the staff said the factory when the factory Is like thIs, and we moved in the Car.

the manager’s attitude, so correspondent also surprIsed on the spot asked the name of the manager, say you store customer manager, right? The man dIsmIssive: “you control what I am.”

Is not only a Reporter, and even Mr. Guo also said that the attitude of the manager’s let myself be afraid. Later, when interviewed Mr. Guo, also a lingering fear.

Guo bluntly: “? Nor hatred, sit down and talk on the line, Why should such a mess of it,” Guo see mediation Is unsuccessful, then yourself to the problem reflects the market supervIsion, the supervIsion of hope by helping to protect their own interests.

Guo encountered for Zaoxin thing, users also have something to say. Some Internet users think thIs should be a Car accident, want to check out after Guo fake a lose three, There are friends that thIs attitude Is a little community service manager, ah, later also advIse you do not go to thIs 4S shop to buy a Car a. You saw what happened after Mr. Guo, there Is nothing to say it?