Buy a car need to be cautious, accidentally bought these brands, it Will go to the auto repair shop

As the saying goes: Men fear the wrong, women are afraid to marry the wrong husband. Buying a Car Is the same, there are many Car owners like to call themselves the “wife” Imagine, would have happily put “her” married back home, it “she” was in bursts to give birth to spot problems, often out “hospital”, you would feel? I’m afraid it Is tears.

Thus, the Car must be Careful to avoid failure rate buy the Car. So the question Is, what kind of Car failure rate Is relatively high? In general, because of the late start, process and technology Is relatively backward, the failure rate of domestic Cars Will be higher than the joint venture and imported Cars. Yu Car world today give inventory of several Car relatively high failure rate of the domestic Car prices, when you buy a Car must pay attention to Oh.

a, Southeast (Fujian) Automobile

South East Motor set up not long, though Japan’s MitsubIshi technical support, but it Is limited engine Is not bad, it really Is not ye drops repairer level. Overall, the South East Motor’s Car problems large and small, Is very large, the number of failures up to 807.5 hundred Cars, almost can be described as “shocking”; Perhaps thIs Is the “cost of the young” it.

Second, the Dongfeng popular Car

backed Dongfeng Automobile Company, Dongfeng popular too considered a strong background Zhu Er; but other independent brands, Dongfeng popular Car sizes are also common problems and more problems. According to the Automotive industry provide an authoritative website data, Dongfeng popular Car several hundred failures of up to 790 or more; Is sCary enough.

(3) California Car

has a joint venture Mercedes-Benz background, sitting on the capital geography, and even thIs year, burst fire, “wolf 2” free of charge to its hype, but Beiqi not so dIsappointing. Not much original stuff, lack of technical content Is not to say that up to several hundred Cars fault 656, enough to make many prospective owners friend was sCared at arm’s length.

IV. Chongqing Lifan

and so on, like Geely Automobile, Lifan Car Is done from a motorcycle started. But the current situation, Lifan and Geely Automobile and other embarked on a completely different way. Both in appearance or in the interior, also, or product quality, Lifan Is not any decent stuff. Plus hundreds of Cars up to 658.2 fault it, it Is difficult for consumers in the Car Will take into account it.

Fifth, strong FAW

FAW background, thick foundation, no matter how that should not be on thIs lIst. But it ‘s really on, but also in hundreds of Car failures also among the highest, reaching 894.7. Xiali go back and look how the scenery, take a look now the Great Wall, Geely and Chang’an wind and water, FAW their own Cars made now, it Is somewhat justified.

Yu Car share with the world on here today, hoping to give everyone a useful reference.