Buy a car friends attention! Used car should so choose

As people’s living standards increasing, the Car also faded luxury coat into the household, for some temporary economic hardship and want to buy a Car to travel home, buying a used Car It Is a good choice, but not as a new Car second-hand Car, some parts are always in a state of being worn, how perfect skip these pits, the selection of a qualified second-hand Car?

First, the Car the appearance of

Yan value of the Car Is very important, I believe it Is dirty glance very old Car, no one Is Willing to open its own wallet, now selling used Cars in the used Car market, the color value from the point of view, do not have much of a problem, but the details of these three points are each going to buy a used Car drivers have to pay attention.

1, engine number

Usually not been overhauled Automobile, the engine Will Is original, not easily be replaced, if found engine number re-regIstered, then beware, thIs Car used Car been great probability overhaul, generally do not recommend buying thIs type of erhu used Car, because overhauled the probability of the occurrence of the problem Is also a great Car again.

2, a small icon on the glass

Each of a qualified new Car factory when, windows and front and rear windshields of small standard Is the same, if we find small inconsIstencies standard used Car, it shows that the glass had to be replaced, thIs time the driver friends, be sure to ask Why clear replacement, do decIsion making.

3, Nameplate

vehicle factory nameplate Will contain a lot of information about the Car and generally in places not easily be knocked down, and if found nameplate what damage it, it shows that thIs Car had a very large used-Car accident, do not consider thIs a used Car purchase.

Second, Automotive interior

Car exterior finIsh, we look at the Automotive interior there are areas need to be Carefully examined.

1, odor

to open the door, if the smell a very strong smell of new paint, it shows Used Car’s interior Is just renovated, that Is to say before the renovation, interior wear thIs Car used Car Is more serious, but also to the side reflects the excessive number of miles a used Car that ran, then We can compare the Car odometer and, if the gap Is large, thIs Car used Car does not need to be considered.

2, clutches

Digital odometer of the vehicle may be false, but clutch pedals Will not, so the smell the smell inside the Car, like, by the degree of wear of clutch pedals also probably know, the mileage used Cars are running, if the odometer shows the digital divide than big, then it would consider other second-hand Car.

3, the seat

In fact, I want to judge whether the seat Is refurbIshed method very simple, hand press down for 5 seconds, then look at the time of recovery seats, recover quickly Is renovated, the original recovery Is slower, it Is recommended you select drivers have not been refurbIshed seats, because I do not know what the materials used in the renovation of the seat Is not sure whether or not harmful to human health.

Third, Automobile tires

four foot wheel like a Car, if the Car’s feet there Is a problem, then also how to run it on the road? Look at a used Car tires must pay attention to the following 2:00.

1, the tread pattern

the depth of the tire tread pattern best reflects the use of a Car , and a degree of wear of four tires of the Car should be about the same, if there are three tire tread similar, but there Is a very new tires, soThIs looks very new tire Is only to put on, while according to the tread can roughly determine the actual number of miles the Car, the higher the degree of tire wear, the higher mileage.

2, the hub

Because when some hand Car supplier in renovation, to give the illusion of more realIstic, so the four wheels all changed, thIs time the driver friends can be judged according to the degree of wear of the hub, if the Car’s four wheels have been cut rub marks, but four tires Is new, so thIs Car Is a used Car had been packed Car, but not a very good condition.