Buy a car for 10 years, no problem, thIs 4 car absolute bargain, allowing you to spend less money wasted

hello everybody faithful Car Hello everyone. Very happy here and we met, I believe we should when buying a Car have a doubt that if I bought thIs Car, you Will not be able to open long bad, thIs Is an Issue that everyone should have in their hearts think too, but when buying a Car are not the nerve to ask the sales staff, because some people are thin-skinned, so I embarrassed to ask that thIs Is common-sense questions, and some people are even aware of their own also asked not the real answer, because the sales staff said Is certainly false, so today small gave you several long service life of the Car now!

Ford Edge

as a rookie two domestic mid-sized SUV, the Ford Edge Highlander community and a lIsting on the new generation of high-profile, which Is self-evident reasons. Sharp boundary imported from the previous generation becomes the USA, either configuration, shape or power have a major leap forward, and Is equipped with seven seats also makes its usefulness greatly increased. Highlander same level as the market, “evergreen”, on the reputation of the products have a greater advantage. ThIs Car Is almost life about eight years.


Tiguan Is definitely a domestic SUV in Gangster level in about a before a half years, extended to increase the Tiguan L officially lIsted, has a good performance in terms of volume. But then the entire L Tiguan Cars do not have an entry-dIsplacement models, the starting point Is relatively little high. Now equipped with 1.4T engine models 280TSI official lIsting, although only one configuration, but in the near future with the delIsting Tiguan, there must be a better entry price of models introduced. HIs life Is everyone’s worry, it’s all in more than 10 years.


In the word dictionary in benchmark interpreted as: Measurement appliances, use Is made of wood, topped with red and white paint, Is mainly used to indicate measurement points. In my opinion, it Is equivalent to the standard benchmark, than it better be good, not as good as itGood should be improved, in various fields are to be so. Benchmarking Is not necessarily the best, but it must be the most balanced. With balanced to describe the Toyota Car very appropriate, because of thIs, a lot of levels, Toyota’s Car can be regarded as the benchmark, there Camry mid-sized Car, SUV Prado … to have a midsize SUV that, I I think that the Highlander Is the benchmark should not be overstated.


Crown Road 2.0T (370TURBO) out of time, itself Is dIsruptive with many things, such as more than 800 body 4 meters only five safety seat, and thus brought back space exaggerated; such a gun on the red Civic TYPE R Honda turbine power, then for example, far better than the NVH performance of the brand has always been characterIstic. These things have been amazing enough, that “ThIs Car hang of it,” the wonder. When we put the crown Road and Ang Kewei, Highlander, acute bound together contrast when, on the basIs of the exIsting impression of the midsize SUV, it Is different from the characterIstics of those opponents, that it constitutes the most direct marvel core competitiveness.