But they are afraid to buy the BMW 3 Series logIstical maintenance costs are too high, the oil spill Will be heard, in the end can not buy?

In fact, for buying a Car, such a large consumer goods, there Is such a fear Is understandable. However, as an international brand of BMW, it really so unbearable? Next Xiaobian solve thIs question for you. In fact, for BMW engine oil leak it to Xiao Bian understand, accurate to say that should happen at least a few years ago. And fermentation period after a section of Car problems Will not be immediately, immediately, Will appear after a period of time, then fermented proliferation, such as Honda’s “oil gate.”

After all, the Car Is machinery, the machinery Will be a problem. For the market to maintain large models, little problems Will be infinitely large, after all, sold more than a small amount of ownership, to sell 10 a year, a 9 problem, Will not be valued. According to statIstics, the BMW 3 Series leak from the tank should be a common problem, the problem belongs to the design, the BMW 3 Series fuel tank Is saddle-shaped.

generally appear oil leakage we went to the repair shop or 4s point, they regard the problem Is very serious to say to you, ask you all kinds of repair, overhaul Is thIs, give the Car to you bad repair, since you can not do without basic Car repair shop! No matter what Car or a BMW, the vast majority are being revIsed bad! BMW engine oil leakage main reason Why people are very sports-tuned engine, high power, and then driving fast ye occasionally exciting to drive a high temperature after natural aging of the seal! So the normal thing, but some people profit Well various flicker, all kinds of repairs! Finally, a lot of trouble!

If the suggestion, for safety, the tank can be replaced before the warranty period, the price of a tank of about 4500, as Is the drive train 3, the tank demolition more trouble to give split rear axle , costs of production in 1600. For security, tickets have to spend. Any Car Will not be perfect.