Bumper paint Is not expensive, wary of a trap 4S shop maintenance, repair shop master of something to say!

Author: V-Car horizon

Hello everybody, currently Automobile market Is excellent, more and more people buy a Car every day to the morning and evening peak Will block a mess, in such a crowded environment, there Will be some rub, whether it Is between the Car and the Car, or Cars and Hum, walls, trees, etc. the rub, ranging from paint damage, severe deformation of the sheet metal, bumpers fracture. It Is time to go to the repair shop or repair to the 4S shop repair, which Is a problem we need to consider the following simple small as we analyze how the election Is the most appropriate!

First, the maintenance of price

thIs price maintenance Is a major problem restricting owners, because the 4S shop prices are generally higher than the repair shop. So small as we think of a solution, it can determine whether to replace the bumper, the need for a full spray according to the damaged area. Because the front bumper Is a metal material mainly previous Car, chrome surface treatment, and riveted or welded to the frame rails, and the body there Is a large gap, it seems to be an additional member up.

With the Auto industry, before and after today’s Car bumper protection in addition to maintaining the original features, but also the pursuit of the body shape harmony and unity, to achieve weight reduction itself. In order to achieve thIs purpose, the front and rear bumpers of Cars using plastic, known as the plastic bumper. (The following data from a repair shop senior master)

plastic bumper in the overall price of about 1,000 yuan, if your Car need to replace the bumper, can be considered to the 4S shop, 4S shop as accessories to ensure that Car prices are from the relevant parts manufacturers, there Will be a relatively secure.

If you need the whole Car bumper spray, 4S shop repair costs between 600-800. Repair shop needs about 400-500, thIs can be considered good reputation to the repair shop, because the process Is the same.

If your Car needs range up painting, Xiao Bian recommend you go to the repair shop, because the 4S shop requires about 400 costs, and some 4S stores Will schedule the grounds that you do not want to repair, repair shop can take up to about 200, and the service Is very warm.

two, 4S shop maintenance trap a lot!

1. fitting than the original train ThIs occurs in small series after the things around them, small series for a good co-worker’s Car bumper and significantly higher than the original Car color, paint and thinner than the original Car, which Is to ask the professionals to check the results obtained after.

2, deliberately increased maintenance costs often repair Car friends know, 4S stores Will be more expensive than outside the repair shop a lot, all kinds of work costs, instrument use fees, the extra cost Will increase maintenance costs. (Those fees Will not appear on the invoice receipt)

3, deliberately leaving the service failure , resulting in secondary repair in fact, thIs problem occurs in a lot of black heart of the 4S shop, small series before repair, 4S shop did not tighten the battery, leading to a week later small series battery indicator alarm, and finally went to the 4S shop to replace the battery holder, and finally through professional analysIs friend because of 4S shop Is not tightened.

Conclusion: when the vehicle appears rub, calm analysIs solution, 4S shop at your own post-maintenance check Is made again to prevent the emergence of post-Issue .