Bugatti Veyron encountered gas station out of print, all the way to catch up with fans

Bugatti Veyron Will not need much introduction, the only production of a W16 engine, 100 mph in 2.5 seconds in the world’s top luxury Cars, Bugatti Car parked at the gas station Is in the luxury Car only a treasure, blue and white version of the country

owners to refuel when to get off to buy things, next to a guy fans look to catch up, photographed in the open door of Bugatti after all, thIs price Is over 30 million luxury Car really rare

the new Bugatti Veyron Car not on the license plate, but it does every body handsome, blue white lines meet interesting classical flavor, and the wheel hub shape Is custom, it Is said the price of a tire over 200,000

after the last Car Bugatti owners fill up on the open away, fans could not help but catch up

Bugatti most do not want to encounter on the road Is the buffer zone, have to hit the brakes to slow in the past, or Will certainly cut rubs site. In fact, in respect of fans wait for a while at a gas station, Car Bugatti Will soon be back …..