Brand car tires summary, there Is always a right for you! “Dry”

as an important accessory of Automobile tires on a Car, of course, it Is a concern of many riders. The quality of the tires, not only affects the Car’s grip, but also affect many aspects of fuel consumption, noIse, comfort, security and so on. From the international rules, if the tire Is normal, tire tread depth Is to grind it must be replaced 1.6 mm. So what brands of tires we should choose it? Today to share knowledge on the brand of Car tires, I remember reading share Oh!


Bridgestone Corporation, Is a Shojiro Ishibashi in 1931 Japan Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture establIshed tire factory. Bridgestone lasting wear, handling the biggest bright spot, cost higher; low ground drawback Is poor and riding comfort.


Michelin company, Is headquartered in

, France Clermont-Ferrand tire manufacturers. Michelin tires softer texture, comfort , mute aspect very well, so a lot of joint ventures in the country of choice for high-end Cars, but relatively speaking grip generally wear, tire wear and tear faster, higher prices.


Goodyear tire and rubber company, Is headquartered in

US Akron, Ohio multinational tire and rubber company. Goodyear Tire characterIstics are grip very suitable for high speed and high engine torque. Fine linesLeather and high-quality tires Goodyear makes tires in the popular off-road vehicle. Especially in the rain and snow, gravel traveling even easier. However, since the tire wall hard, so a large tire noIse.

horse Card

German horse brand, it Is a

, Germany transportation industry manufacturers. The main products for tires, brake systems, vehicle stability control system, an engine injection systems, tachometers and other Automotive parts and transport. The company Is headquartered in Hanover, Germany, its predecessor was founded in 1871, the Rubber Manufacturers. Tires also take comfort mute route, to be worse than the Michelin though comfort , but much better abrasion resIstance, Michelin Is also relatively affordable price a lot.


Pirelli, Is a

, Italy

tire company, headquartered in Milan, with operations in 160 countries and regions. Pirelli Is high performance synonymous with sports tires belong to, Is the first sponsor of F1, Is still sponsored wrc. If you like racing, Pirelli choice, handling, strong grip. Pirelli Tire Is currently the most secure!


Dunlop tires UK

a tire manufacturer, the exIsting 75% stake belongs to Goodyear tires, 25 %-owned by Sumitomo rubber. They have the right to use the Dunlop brand for manufacturingTire sales of Automobile or other motor vehicle. Dunlop tires silence and comfort as good as Michelin horse brand, Pirelli grip Is better, are more

balanced tires.

Finally, Xiao Bian summed up more than a few tire brand ranking in the performance, we can refer to:

exercIse capacity : first: Pirelli; second: Goodyear; third: Dunlop; IV: Bridgestone; fifth: Michelin; sixth : German horse brand.

comfort and quietness : First: Michelin; Second: MA Card; Third: Dunlop; IV: Bridgestone; Fifth: Solid specific; sixth: Pirelli.

Wear ResIstance : First: Bridgestone; Second: Pirelli; Third: Dunlop; IV: Michelin; Fifth: German horse brand; sixth: Goodyear.

price : First: Michelin; second: Goodyear; third: Pirelli; fourth: German horse brand; fifth: Bridgestone ; sixth: Dunlop.

Safety factor : First: Pirelli; Second: Goodyear; Third: Dunlop; Fourth: Bridgestone ; fifth: Michelin; sixth: German horse brand.

recall point Like the collection Oh! About aspects of tire you have any experiences of it? Welcome to the interactive message in the comments section!