Body recessed how to do? Accidentally repair shop pit, the old master to teach you a trick 20 minutes to repair!

body recessed how to do? Accidentally repair shop pit, the old master to teach you a trick 20 minutes to repair!

There are trekking trekking threshold, Auto repair industry for us as well Joji puzzled many techniques and methods of maintenance, a lot of accessories opportunities, we look at all unreasonable transparent, and therefore Will inevitably be digging insiders, such as the usual traffic may inadvertently appear any accident, the body touch concave, and looks horrible practice, however, although did not even paint off, but thIs time, if we are to repair shop, whether you are an ordinary depression or scratch repair shop brother probably Will tell you, “Oh, you are so serious, it got to sheet metal painting job ah!”

under normal circumstances as long as our body depression, although not hurt the paint, but the basic repair shop only one program to repair your solution better ways of doing the same day, thIs way Is the “sag repair.” Principle Is the principle of leverage, the recess heal physically, of course, provided that the vehicle body Is not damaged and no wrinkles confidence before a large area.

DETAILED recess repair procedure

First: firstly we make the size of the vehicle position determination recess, followed by the tool have to be prepared: a crowbar, sucker, light board, glue stick, etc.

second: depending on the circumstances may be, the greater should the Car at the first recess “pull” of, prepared in advance using a glue stick, the glue gun Is inserted and heated a few minutes, and then from the intermediate position slowly even hit the chuck around.

Third: The still warm chuck adhered to the recess at a suitable location to be cooled Jiaobang then, using a puller to connect the sucker’s head and then slowly pull firmly, depression can slowly recover.

Fourth:After pulling good general shape, lighting panels used, the use of light using the crowbar recessed portion smaller ejection Careful and slow, thIs aspect Is very important, requires high technology divIsion, the skill and patience indIspensable, of course, if not so large recess omit thIs step can be directly Carried out thIs step, the use of crowbars substantially no ejection recess, and then they use staples rubber and a rubber hammer minor areas then handle it, Is repeated until fully recovery as it Is.

The effect Is obvious, the following several small series to effect drying FIG.

roughness-law saves for us a lot of time, generally smaller depressions such as about one to five centimeters about half an hour to fix a large depression such as more than 20 centimeters a day can be repaired, and can save the average cost of repairs, repairs only sheet metal painting Is about 50 percent, of course, the more expensive the greater depression, general twenty-three cm small depression one hundred to two hundred dollars, a hundred centimeters Is probably about nine hundred. And does not destroy the original Car’s paint, you can keep the original paint can better enhance the Car’s residual value, more technology than the original paintwork repair shops can be achieved.

thIs defect technique Is that it Is no way for large sheet metal fold area of ​​restoration to its original appearance, and can not have prior Auto body putty paint treatment depression, otherwIse it Will lead to paint cracking. Of course, in many cases, thIs technology Is still very useful.